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There's nothing else like Samsung Knox for other devices that we are aware of, and we have not integrated anything else into Kiosk Browser in that respect. 

We developed the Kiosk Browser/Knox security module as Samsung are by far the most used devices out there; if there were others by Acer and the likes, it would require further development for us to integrate Kiosk Browser which wouldn't be a great use of our time, as they're such a small portion of the market it would be unlikely to be a profitable decision. 

Hope that makes sense but let us know if you have any further questions. 

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The link to our article on javascript functions is here,

Please let us know if you need anything else.

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Not via Remote Management..

We provide a JavaScript interface for this, so you could provide a user interface to do this within your own web application.

You can raise a ticket directly, by selecting the link to "Leave us a private message" from our Knowledge Base pages. 

Can you check whether you have signed up to two trial accounts? 

Its possible you've signed up with a username and password account, as well as using a Google login. 

This would be two separate accounts and it's possible that your devices are being added to the second account.

Hi Walt

There is no limit to the volume of devices that can be registered during the KB Remote Management trial. 

We've not seen the issue before, can you provide any further information? 

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Just click a device from the Devices page, then Manage Device, you can find overrides at the bottom of the page.

Closing as complete but please let us know if you have any further questions as discussed. 

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The Knowledge Base questions are worded in such a way that they will be found during a search; "how can I root my device?" is a frequently asked question and the wording of this article and its title ensures this is the first article to be displayed when a user searches for information on rooting a device.

There are thousands of different device configurations and versions of the Android OS, to give advice on every device that our customer base uses would be impossible; and not sensible on our part as there are countless security and warranty implications that we cannot be liable for.