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Using the APK above on a Samsung Galaxy Tab Active with Android 5.1.1, the capture attribute now causes the camera to be launched without selecting it first.  Exactly what we  asked for.  Thank-you very much.

This new setting works exactly as I had hoped.  Thank-you so much.

That is great news, thank-you.  We just got licenses for 2 tablets a couple days ago when we rolled out our application to the users The reload on wake feature is the last open item for the project.

Thanks. Some applications would never want that feature and the default would be off, but it would help any kiosk application that requires an up to date page when the screen is turned on.

Thank-you for the quick reply. It is understandable that idle timeout should not run while the screen is off to save power. It would be pointless to update a screen that is not visible unless that is the only way to keep a page up to date.

Is Android awake from sleep an event that Kiosk Browser Lockdown could respond to?  If so, please consider a feature request to provide the option to reload the page on awake from sleep.  This feature is "fully" claimed to be implemented in another Kiosk solution, but I would rather not go there because Kiosk Browser has been tested and does everything else I need done perfectly.