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How do I use the NFC tool to send the NFC signal? assuming that I dont have a writable NFC tag available.

Oh I see but that is not very useful. I would like it accessible with JavaScript. Typical scenario is to identify the user using it.

Yes I have seen that. But i dont understand how to use the NFC tools with the kiosk browser.

Extra note. Error is caused by our service provider and we do not have full control over this.

Oh ok thank you. Is there anyway to change the system language remotely from the remote management console? Though I suppose the native input doesnt really work for us. Well probably have to replace it with a custom datetimepicker soon so it wont matter in the end.

How i tested

Connectivity -> Delayed Load on Startup (seconds) set to 1.
Remote restart the device a few times.
Observe stuck on "Please wait..." screeen

However after a minute it does reload I noticed now so It seems that it should be minutes there instead of seconds.