We provide a customisation service whereby we can create a custom version of Kiosk Browser with your logo, application name, default URL and many other default settings. We then provide you with a custom APK file which can then be installed on your devices. Note by using this service you are only entitled to one licence. If you require more these must be purchased separately or you can use with a remote management subscription. You are not permitted to publish any customised version on Google Play without written permission.

You can purchase the customisation service here.

Required Assets

  • Default Kiosk URL
  • Custom app name: i.e. replaces the wording “Kiosk Browser”.
  • Icons in the following sizes or send us your icon in vector format (EPS or AI). If you do not have a vector please send at least one PNG file (600px x 600px).
  • Any other default settings you require

Icon Sizes:
48 × 48 (mdpi)
72 × 72 (hdpi)

96 × 96 (xhdpi)

144 × 144 (xxhdpi)

192 × 192 (xxxhdpi)

512 x 512

Additional in-app logo:

144 x 144 (mdpi)

216 x 216 (hdpi)

288 x 288 (xhdpi)

432 x 432 (xxhdpi)

576 x 576 (xxxhdpi)

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