Changelog v2.0.0 and up

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2.6.2 (Build 199) - 31/01/2018

  • Support for Short Registration Key (shorter registration key, easier to enter)
  • Settings > Rooted Devices > Hide System Bar disabled on 5.0 or higher, this method can no longer be used
  • Added JavaScript function delayIdleTimeout() to delay idle timeout in scenarios where user isn't touching the screen
  • Added JavaScript function to listen to key events registerKeyEventListener(listener), examples in JavaScript documentation
  • Added handling for Remote Management device action "Execute kbRemoteFunction() on device" (executes local JS function when pushed from remote management)
  • Fixed issue where intent uris were not calling back correctly, specifically fixing issue with Square mobile payments
  • Desktop user agent setting now reports correct WebView/Chrome version, previously it was fixed to version 37.0.0
  • Fixed crash when launching on Amazon Fire devices
  • Support for PDFs in popup window
  • Added shortcut to select WebView implementation via Admin > WebView Implementation (Android 7.0 or higher)
  • Initial Android 8.0 support
  • Android 8.0 adaptive icon support
  • Added new JavaScript function readTextFile(filepath)
  • Added getTimeZone() JavaScript function
  • Added setTimeZone(timezoneid) JavaScript function (security module and knox required)
  • Added startScreensaver() JavaScript function, starts screensaver if enabled
  • Default user agent is now displayed under Settings > About to help identify browser version
  • Added Admin > Reload Kiosk Url to settings, an easy way to reload if the toolbar is hidden
  • Added Admin > Clear Cache to settings, an easy way to clear cache without changing cache settings
  • Added support for reporting Last Page Load within Remote Management
  • Added back button to PDF viewer
  • PDF viewer now defaults to full page width
  • Added confirmation dialog when logging out of remote management
  • User agent settings are now applied in popup window
  • Fixed bug where app restart button was not appearing
  • Simplified licence key dialog
  • Library updates, play services minimum version now 11.8.0
  • Log unique device identifier in crash reports

2.6.1 (Build 196) - 21/08/2017

  • File Group downloading improvements
  • Added JS functions activateLicence(licencekey, email) and deactivateLicence() to silently activate and deactivate pro licences
  • Bug fix for barcode scanner returning to the wrong activity in some scenarios
  • Fixed crash when using the camera on 7.0 devices
  • Added link to privacy policy under Settings > About

2.6.0 (Build 193) - 12/07/2017

  • Added JavaScript function hideSystemBarRoot(bool hide) for hiding and showing system bar on rooted devices
  • Handle loading of PDF files that are forced as download only, share cookies to fix authentication issue
  • Added Setting Reload on Screen On - reloads the home page when screen turns on
  • Resolved issue with loading/error page displaying when a page loads where some page resources fail to load (6.0 or higher)
  • When supplying the capture attribute inside a file input tag, the camera app will launch automatically (instead of selecting from a list) 5.0 or higher
  • Added setting Redirect to Custom Error Page, if browser receives a 400 or higher response the custom error page is loaded and appended with querystring ?statuscode=4xx, this can then be read via JavaScript Android 6.0 or higher
  • Fixed incorrect title being shown when changing the WiFi Settings Password
  • Added setting Uploads: Only allow camera, when enabled only the camera will be available as a source when uploading (the camera will launch automatically)
  • Added button to quickly delete exported XML settings file via Settings > Admin
  • Added Remote Management notice when accessing settings on a device registered to Remote Management
  • When connected to Remote Management, settings changes made locally will be overwritten on the next scheduled poll (used to be 24 hours)
  • Removed Refresh Profile from overflow menu, now under Remote Management settings
  • Added setting Admin > Run Above Screen Lock - allows app to run above screen lock, without requiring the user to unlock (default is on)
  • Resolved issue with showKeyboard() and hideKeyboard() functions not working on some devices

2.5.9 (Build 189) - 17/05/2017

  • PDF files are now loaded using embedded viewer (PDF.js), also works with locally stored PDF files
  • Updated play services minimum requirement to v9.8.0
  • Switched image loading library from Picasso to Glide
  • Fixed issue with large screensaver images not displaying
  • Handle file:/// uri in nfc tags
  • Added warning when registering device to remote management if Google Play services is not installed/up-to-date
  • Switched from circular intermediate progress bar to horizontal percentage based
  • Improvements to intent: handling
  • When Allow Intents setting is enabled, mailto: uri's will now work
  • Reset WiFi setting timeout increased from 3 to 15 seconds, connectivity check is made to Kiosk Url twice and delay between disabling and enabling is now 3.5 seconds
  • Reset WiFi setting tweak, if url is set to localhost connectivity check now attempts to connection to to verify if WiFi needs to be reset or not
  • Added Restart Application button under Admin, useful when switching between themes
  • Do not reset screen timeout (used to reset to 1 minute if set to lower than 1 minute)
  • Added Power setting Sleep on Power Connect, turns off screen when charger is connected (useful if docked for charging overnight)
  • Added Whitelist setting Deny Kiosk Url (whitelist), enabling denies the Kiosk Url, allowing you to control everything via the whitelisted urls setting
  • Added Advanced setting Hide Google Play Messages, hides all Play Services related messages (useful if not installed on device)
  • Added Advanced setting Allow Popup Windows, popup windows are now partially supported, mainly for handling authentication and social media sharing (Android 5.0 or higher)
  • Long pressing CLR button in password dialog will reload Kiosk Url
  • Added new Url variable %KIOSKTITLE%
  • Added ability to receive intent com.procoit.kioskbrowser.INTENT_BROWSABLE_EXT with url parameter to load a specified url
  • Barcode result url can now use %BARCODEDATA% variable anywhere in the url for easier customisation i.e.
  • Fixed issue with troubleshoot whitelist/blacklist setting not applying via Remote Management
  • Fixed issue where Please Wait page would display instead of the default error page when using a file:/// uri
  • Added JavaScript functions disableBluetooth() and enableBluetooth()
  • Added JavaScript function getPairedDevicesDetailed() which provides the friendly device name and mac address of paired bluetooth devices
  • Added JavaScript functions putStringValue(key, value), getStringValue(key) for storing non-session data and clearStringValues() for clearing all values
  • Added JavaScript function startActivityWithIntent(String intent, boolean allowForeground, String packageName, String extras) for starting activity with extras

2.5.6 (Build 184) - 31/01/2017

  • Fix for issues with angular web apps
  • Added new setting Control WiFi state, when turned off WiFi state will not be changed at all
  • Improved WiFi settings access (more secure)
  • Added JavaScript function getWiFiSignal(), which returns signal strength (0-4)
  • Added JavaScript function getCellSignal(), which returns signal strength (0-4), Android 4.2 or higher
  • Added JavaScript function getCellNetworkType() which returns a network type string i.e. HSDPA, LTE etc, Android 4.2 or higher
  • When device is connected to remote management, all received push messages are automatically logged to the device events report
  • Fixed issue with app drawer not showing on next icon tap (after dismissing via swipe)

2.5.5 (Build 183) - 22/12/2016

  • Added new setting - WiFi Check Frequency, which controls the amount of time between connectivity checks made to the Kiosk Url before resetting WiFi state
  • Improved handling of Prevent Screen Power Off (now running off the UI thread), stops display turning off even if app has hung
  • WiFi and bluetooth states are no longer changed when running in limited free mode
  • Added keyboard button to pin pad (same effect as tapping password input field)
  • Fixed issue where Google Play purchase still frequently showing not for commercial use message
  • Remote Management: Added support for File Groups
  • Whitelist now ignores url matches after question mark in url
  • Fix for rare crash when accessing Android Settings via app Settings
  • When deleting screensaver image via remote management, screensaver will now automatically end
  • Default serial number source for samsung devices (ril.serialnumber)

2.5.4 (Build 180) - 28/11/2016

  • Samsung Knox and security module integration
  • Scheduled reboot - Samsung Knox activated devices only
  • Added toast message notifying Huawei/Xiaomi users to switch launchers manually
  • Bypass screen lock (if no pin set)
  • Bluetooth is now automatically disabled on app start/resume if setting Allow Bluetooth Access is turned off
  • Added JavaScript function clearSession(bool clearCache,bool clearCookies,bool clearForms,bool clearWebStorage) for clearing relevant session data
  • Added JavaScript function rebootDevice() - Samsung Knox activated devices only
  • Added JavaScript functions getSimSerialNumber() and getMobileOperator()
  • Added setting - Always Reload, when idle timeout is enabled this setting allows you to control whether the home page reloads even if the device is inactive
  • Added Setting Hardware > WiFi, turn off so that wifi is automatically turned off on app start/resume
  • Added pin pad to password dialog window, allows entering password (integers only) without soft keyboard enabled i.e. using null keyboard app
  • Fixed issue where keyboard would not appear if device has lockscreen pin
  • Fixed camera/file upload bug when rotating device
  • Misc bug fixes

2.5.3 (Build 174) - 18/10/2016

  • Added Setting Always Wake Device, controls whether device will wake on schedule if the device has a power source connected
  • Added support for PUSH_REGAIN_FOCUS (Remote Management), use of scheduled remote task to bring app back into focus
  • Added Local URL information to Settings > About, tap to copy url
  • Fixed UTF-8 encoding for URLs (barcode scanner)

2.5.2 (Build 173) - 13/10/2016

  • Added toolbar button for refreshing current page
  • Barcode scan result is now UTF-8 encoded
  • Push messaging registration improvements
  • Updated Google libraries (potential fix for rare white screen)
  • Added new JavaScript function for registering device to remote management with name parameter registerRemoteKeyName(key,name)

2.5.1 (Build 171) - 28/09/2016

  • Resolved issue where barcode scanner timeout was not functioning
  • Attempt FCM registration via Remote Management > Diagnostics for troubleshooting purposes
  • Reset file chooser on app resume (resolves issues with incomplete uploads)
  • Resolved issue where scheduled sleep would use wake schedule (rare scenario)

2.5.0 (Build 168) - 19/09/2016

  • Added new app drawer feature
  • showAppDrawer() and hideAppDrawer() JS functions
  • Ignore files in screensaver folder starting with (.)
  • Trim whitespace from Url Whitelist and Blacklist string to fix issue with urls being ignored
  • Fixed issue with Thursday sleep time not being honoured (remote management)
  • Report scheduled sleep/wake events to remote management

2.0.40 (Build 161) - 06/09/2016

  • Sleep and wake functions can now be configured on a daily schedule
  • Added Custom User Agent setting which allows you to enter your own user agent string
  • Added Blacklist feature, allows blocking of specific urls (opposite of whitelist)
  • Automatic recovery when WebView updates are installed
  • Automatic restart if update is installed via Google Play
  • Added JS function getInstalledApplications(), returns array of installed applications
  • Added JS function getAlternativeSerialNumber(int type) for retrieving serial from different storage area (RIL, RO or SYS)
  • Added setting Advanced > Serial Number Source, sets the source of the serial number used in URL variables and remote management
  • Improvements to custom app icon handling, specifically remote management update and remove
  • Added showSnackbar(message) JS function as an alternative to toast messages
  • Replaced Universal Image Loader library with Picasso
  • When using alternative serial number source, if empty default Build.SERIAL will be returned

2.0.39 (Build 159) - 19/08/2016

  • Added Setting "Prevent Uploads" for preventing file uploads
  • Added Setting Show Restart App which adds a menu item to allow the user to restart the app
  • Fixed bug preventing automatic resize of page when keyboard covering input field (caused by new bookmarks feature)
  • Prevent uploads fix

2.0.38 (Build 157) - 08/08/2016

  • Initial Android N Support (API 24)
  • Added Bookmarks feature Settings > Toolbar > Bookmarks
  • Added support for TeamViewer QuickSupport (Samsung edition) where installed (remote management feature)
  • Multi-tap settings fix when swipe down toolbar is enabled
  • Added support for JavaScript function startActivityWithIntent(String intent, boolean allowForeground, String packageName)
  • Added JavaScript function regainFocus(), brings Kiosk Browser back into focus
  • Migrated from GCM to FCM (Google>Firebase Cloud Messaging) minor change, requires play services 9.0.2
  • Do not start/exit video screensaver if the video file cannot be played back
  • Exit screensaver if screensaver is no longer enabled (remote management profile download)
  • Exit screensaver if content has changed
  • Fixed issue with delayed loading where please wait... would remain on screen, related to scheduled app restart + screen off
  • Added separate setting Clear WebStorage which previously automatically cleared if Clear Cache was enabled
  • Added JS functions, delayScreensaver() and stopScreensaver()
  • broadcastIntent() JavaScript function no longer checks package manager for registered receivers
  • Added flash light toggle to barcode scanner
  • Remote Management: If TeamViewer Host app is installed, using the teamviewer device action will launch it (added Samsung support)
  • Fixed issue where custom URL would not use %VARIABLES%
  • Fixed issue with barcode scanner timeout not always returning to the correct activity
  • When watching a fullscreen video idle timeout and screensaver should now be disabled until finished
  • Addition of Last Successful Page Load and connection type to remote management
  • Added setting to control length of time before barcode scanner closes (advanced > barcode scanner timeout)
  • Fixed issue where screenshot request from remote management would fail
  • Added JS function refreshProfile() to refresh remote management profile on device
  • Added display off/sleep when power is disconnected to Settings > Power
  • Fixed crash when null url passed to DefaultBrowserActivity
  • Check if already remotely registered in JS functions before registering
  • Added getAndroidID() JS function

2.0.37 (Build 150) - 28/04/2016

  • Added support for Remote Management Registration Keys, see
  • Remote Management now collects information on user sessions i.e. length and pages loaded
  • Settings > Connectivity > Delayed Load now includes a "Please wait..." page before attempting to load the default URL
  • Added Settings > Cache Mode, controls the way cache is used, by default the cache is checked and content is re-validated as needed
  • Added Settings > Admin > Clear defaults, clears default launcher and browser
  • Fixed bug when fullscreen mode enabled and toggle between hiding then showing toolbar does not work in some scenarios scenarios
  • Replaced top left arrow icon with custom Kiosk Browser icon

2.0.36 (Build 149) - 19/04/2016

  • Fullscreen mode now only hides the system/navigation bar. So the toolbar can be independently controlled via Settings > Toolbar.
  • Added new setting Toolbar > Show Toolbar on Swipe down, displays the toolbar (if hidden) when swiping down from the top edge of the screen.
  • Added new setting Connectivity > Delayed Load on Startup (seconds). Attempt load of default url after x seconds, useful if waiting for WiFi to connect
  • Added new setting Remote Management > High Accuracy Location. Sets location priority to PRIORITY_HIGH_ACCURACY to report a more accurate location, will drain battery quicker
  • Added bluetooth JavaScript function sendBytes(string bytes, string charset) for specifying charset when converting string to bytes
  • Added bluetooth JavaScript function sendHexString(string hex) converts hex string into a byte array and sends the data to the bluetooth device
  • If remotely managed no longer attempt to import from kioskbrowserconfig.xml on startup
  • Added setScreenOrientation() JavaScript function
  • Added new variable %LOCALSTORAGE% which points to the default storage location defined by system method getExternalStorageDirectory()
  • onchange() event is now called (if set) after barcode scan result when using openAndroidBarcodeScannerInput()
  • Fixed crash when null url passed to DefaultBrowserActivity
  • Check if already remotely registered in JS functions before registering

2.0.35 (Build 148) - 01/04/2016

  • In-app purchase bug fixes
  • Added setting Hide Alert Dialogs, do not show dialogs for example when reloading incomplete forms
  • Fix for hiding system bar on rooted devices (problem related to 4.4 or higher)

2.0.34 (Build 146) - 23/03/2016

  • Added getKioskTitle(), isCharging(), back() and forward() JavaScript functions
  • Added applicationRestart() JavaScript function for restarting Kiosk Browser
  • Fixed crash loop and added recovery screen if crash causes infinite loop
  • Disabled image transition when only one screensaver image is found
  • Ignore hidden image files in screensaver directory
  • Support for wiping cache, cookies or forms remotely via Remote Management
  • Separated settings for browser control icons (home, back, forward)

2.0.33 (Build 144) - 25/02/2016

  • Fix for restoring in-app purchase
  • Improvements to remote login (Android TV)
  • Added setting to Power > App Restart, for scheduling restart of the app
  • Fix for %LOCALCONTENT% parameter in Kiosk Url
  • Added setting in Page and Content to ignore certificate errors
  • Fixed issue with openApplication(packagename, regainFocusInterval) not regaining focus

2.0.32 (Build 139) - 02/02/2016

  • Tweaks to in-app purchase
  • Improvements to remote management login flow
  • XML import on launch improved by importing before browser launch
  • Screen timeout tweaks relating to remote management screen off/on device actions
  • Standalone mode improvements to back button and exit in settings
  • Fix for bluetooth automatically enabling itself
  • Initial support for Android TV (standalone mode only)
  • Added new setting Aggressively Hide System Dialogs for handling scenarios such as the enter password dialog, beware this is known to prevent the Samsung keyboard from showing which may involve you needing to factory reset your device.

2.0.31 (Build 137) - 22/01/2016

  • Remote Management: If TeamViewer Host app is installed, using the teamviewer device action will launch it (to resolve scenario where it may have crashed)
  • Added bluetooth support, print directly to bluetooth printers via JavaScript using the native printer language such as ESC/POS
  • Hide system dialogs when password dialog box is showing
  • Added startService(intent, extras) JavaScript function for starting services in other applications
  • Added check for 'delete' parameter in kioskbrowserlicence.xml, deletes xml file on successful activation
  • Fixed issue with uploading photos via camera
  • Added check for 'preferences delete' parameter in kioskbrowserconfig.xml, deletes xml file after import
  • In-app purchase, Pro upgrade for personal use
  • Fixed barcode scanning issue where wrong activity was being displayed such as settings

2.0.30 (Build 135) - 06/01/2016

  • Added extra initial zoom values
  • Added advanced setting to hide menu items such as Settings and Exit to Launcher, this will only work if you have multi-tap settings enabled
  • Added bluetooth permission in preparation for bluetooth printing

2.0.29 (Build 134) - 07/12/2015

  • Created Connectivity section in settings
  • Added new reset WiFi setting in Connectivity for disabling and re-enabling WiFi when Kiosk URL is not available
  • New experimental feature added: Standalone Mode - make Kiosk Browser behave like a normal app instead of a launcher
  • Added setting to control the use of intents such as tel: etc...
  • Added additional step to welcome screen (documentation)

2.0.28 (Build 131) - 27/11/2015

  • Improvements to idle timeout when end-user is using web forms
  • Cache clearing improvements
  • Multi-tap settings now defaults to 10 taps if action bar is disabled where multi-tap count > 10 (set by remote management)

2.0.27 (Build 129) - 18/11/2015

  • Push messaging code tweaks (remote management)
  • Improved ANR handling and logging

2.0.26 (Build 127) - 13/11/2015

2.0.25 (Build 126) - 11/11/2015

2.0.24 (Build 125) - 05/11/2015

  • Remote polling scheduler fixes
  • Added additional background logging for troubleshooting
  • Welcome screen improvements
  • Tweaked Go PRO upgrade activity to include licence quantity

2.0.23 (Build 124) - 02/11/2015

  • Free version now enables trial of PRO features by default (not for existing installations), can be turned off in Settings > General > Pro Demo Mode
  • Added welcome page for first time installers
  • Added new URL parameters %KIOSKIDENTIFIER%, %KIOSKIPADDRESS% - documentation here
  • Added JavaScript function getUniqueIdentifier() to retrieve unique device identifier
  • Fingerprint scanner can be used for accessing settings (if configured on device) Android 6.0 only
  • Tidied up Settings > About screen

2.0.22 (Build 123) - 28/10/2015

  • Connection tweaks
  • Improved handling of device and push registration when starting a device without a network connection (remote management)

2.0.22 (Build 122) - 27/10/2015

  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow connectivity improvements for remote management
  • Improve handling of clearing form data
  • Added JavaScript function isAppInFocus()
  • Added function to remote diagnostics button to re-register for push notifications if not already attempted or previous attempt failed
  • Added JavaScript function openApplication(packagename, regainFocusInterval) to open an application, after the specified interval Kiosk Browser will regain focus
  • Settings screen font size and margin tweaks
  • Added new themes
  • Added setting to control whether the navigation bar is coloured using theme colours

2.0.21 (Build 120) - 20/10/2015

  • Fixed NFC null pointer exception on some devices
  • Added getRemoteIdentifier() JavaScript function to retrieve unique remote management identifier
  • Removed Remote Management Pairing Code option - deprecated use read-only user accounts instead

2.0.20 (Build 119) - 15/10/2015

  • Added broadcastIntent(intentClassName, allowForeground, extras) JavaScript function
  • New setting Prevent Access to Notifications and Quick Settings (previously always turned on)

2.0.19 (Build 118) - 07/10/2015

  • Fixed rare scenario where settings activity idle timeout is not fired
  • Device wake-up improvements
2.0.19 (Build 117) - 07/10/2015
  • Improvements to Android 6.0 Marshmallow permission handling
2.0.18 (Build 115) - 05/10/2015
  • Multi-tap custom tap count bugfix
  • Minimum required version of Google Play Services is now 7.8
  • Further Free > Pro upgrade enhancements
2.0.17 (Build 114) - 02/10/2015
  • Fix for spaces between whitelist entries
  • Added android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO to allow microphone access via getUserMedia()
  • Video screensaver dismissal fixes
  • Added [Display > Always Hide Action Bar] setting (multi-tap mode must be used to access settings)
  • Added JavaScript function to broadcast intent using specified string
  • Implemented dual pane settings for devices with large screens
  • Revamped settings layout
2.0.16 (Build 112) - 22/09/2015
2.0.15 (Build 111) - 17/09/2015
  • Handled deprecated method onReceivedError in WebViewClient (Android M)
  • Null pointer exception fix on network change (5.0 and up)
  • WiFi Settings can now be opened by using a unique password specified in Settings > Admin > WiFi Settings Password, it must be changed from the default before access is granted, see this article
  • Updated icon
2.0.14 (Build 110) - 14/09/2015
  • Prevent access to mailto: URI
  • Network state changes (5.0 and up)
  • Screensaver image caching fix
  • Upload from camera (file input) fix for Webview v43 and up
2.0.13 (Build 109) - 04/09/2015
  • Added support for Barcodescanner Keyboard (third party keyboard), installed version of keyboard must be V2.1.4
  • Added support for printing page via Google Cloud Print (Android 4.4 and up), menu item or via JavaScript function printPage()
  • Missing sound resource file fix
  • Switched to JPEG compression for remote management screenshots
  • Updated action bar icons
  • Location handling modifications
  • Added WiFiLock during background polling (remote)
2.0.12 (Build 107) - 28/08/2015
  • More connectivity improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Fixed ANR relating to hiding system bar on rooted devices
  • Fixed ANR relating to UI Service
  • Added JavaScript function to open application by package name, please note that allowing users to do this may allow them access to system menus which we cannot control
  • Added JavaScript function to turn screen off turnScreenOff()
  • Can now be set as the default browser to handle requests from other applications
  • Can now handle custom URL prefixes registered by other applications
  • Improvements to licence activation and deactivation
  • Switched to Google Play location services
  • MAC Address reading workaround in Android M
  • Changed barcode scanning library from ZBar to ZXing
  • Significant battery improvements when device is in standby
  • Changing the remote polling interval now has no effect
  • Initial Android M permissions support
2.0.11 (Build 105) - 08/07/2015
  • Crash handling tweaks
2.0.11 (Build 104) - 06/07/2015
  • Remote communication now established in a service to resolve connectivity issues some devices were experiencing
  • Added diagnose connection within Settings > Remote Management, to help troubleshoot connection issues
  • Remote file deletions are now handled for screensaver, access denied and error pages when deleting files through the management console
  • Camera/Image uploads are now supported on Android 5.0 and up when using the file input tag
  • Added troubleshoot whitelist setting which will display the denied URL in a toast message to assist with troubleshooting
  • Added diagnostics to Settings > Remote Management to enable better troubleshooting of connection issues
  • Hide keyboard before starting screensaver
  • Performance improvements
  • Launch TeamViewer QuickSupport via remote management
  • Theme now applies to icons in Settings
  • Initial Android M permissions support
2.0.11 (Build 103) - 02/07/2015
  • Bug fix testing
2.0.10 (Build 102) - 23/06/2015
  • Fix for "error processing request" dialog - note the error occurs when the device is unable to reach the server
2.0.9 (Build 101) - 18/06/2015
  • Theme change crash fix
2.0.8 (Build 100) - 17/06/2015
  • Screensaver timeout bug fix where screensaver timer would not start until screen touched (enabled from disabled state)
  • Added pair with code method to easily register devices with Remote Management
2.0.7 (Build 99) - 12/06/2015
  • Fixed website screensaver issue where single page would reload constantly using the slide interval setting
  • Misc crash fixes
  • Added JavaScript function openBarcodeScannerInput to allow barcode scanning into input field, sample available at
2.0.6 (Build 97) - 01/06/2015
  • Fixed whitelist denied page exception
  • Resolved issue with screensaver video playing in background after pressing home button
  • Fixed issue with some screensaver images not displaying
  • Added JavaScript function getIPAddress() to get current IP Address of WiFi adapter
2.0.5 (Build 96) - 28/05/2015
  • Further location tweaks for Kiosk Browser Remote
  • Fixed XML export exception
2.0.4 (Build 95)
  • Location tweaks for Kiosk Browser Remote
  • Fixed logout issue on Kiosk Browser Remote
2.0.3 (Build 94) - 26/05/2015
  • Various bug fixes
  • Added support for turning off screen in Kiosk Browser Remote
2.0.2 (Build 94) - 19/05/2015
  • Test build
2.0.1 (Build 93) - 18/05/2015
  • Various bug fixes
2.00 (Build 90) - 15/05/2015
  • Build for the new version of Kiosk Browser Remote
  • Added setting to turn off the built in JavaScript interface
  • Built in exception reporting (RayGun), this will allow us to track down bugs quicker
  • Added screensaver timeout, screensaver start is no longer controlled by the idle page timeout setting

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