Changelog v1.0.0 - v1.51

1.51 (Build 85) - 19/03/2015
  • Fix for potential idle timeout issue
  • Added 2 new JS functions getBrand() and getModel()
  • Fix for issue where escape characters causing XML import to fail

1.51 (Build 84) - 10/03/2015
  • All dialogs are now Material styled
  • Remote management: If device has received an Android update, this will be reflected in the management console on the next polling interval
  • Fixed issue with JavaScript exitKiosk(false) where it did not exit the application
  • Added optional setting for number of taps required to enter settings
  • Fixed issue where the pro demo was not displaying demo toast message

1.51 (Build 83) - 24/02/2015
  • Fixed odd display characteristics on Android 4.0-4.3 when hardware rendering is enabled (default)
  • Fixed issue with action bar being hidden when fullscreen and non-interactive mode is enabled Jelly Bean (4.1 - 4.3)
  • Fullscreen video tweaks

1.50 (Build 81) - 12/02/2015
  • Custom build handling
  • Added option to disable 4 quick taps to exit to settings
  • Fixed issue with basic authentication window not appearing

1.50 (Build 80) - 29/01/2015
  • Fixed crash when using select/dropdown lists
  • Fixed power off issue

1.50 (Build 79) - 28/01/2015
  • Resolved issue where recents button was displaying recent apps in specific circumstances
  • Resolved issue with screensaver video content not appearing

1.50 (Build 78) - 28/01/2015
  • Fixed issue with content disappearing when switching themes
  • Improved screensaver handling onResume (previously the screensaver would still be active)
  • Improved location handling when not connected to remote management
  • JavaScript Android.openBarcodeScanner can now take an additional data parameter and can be passed through to the barcode redirect URL
  • Enabled remote debugging (Android 4.4 and up)
  • Fix for barcode scanning not returning to the correct activity
  • createLogEntry(data) JavaScript function can now be used to output to a text file within the default storage location

1.50 (Build 77) - 21/01/2015
  • Fixed issue with text input not functioning on web forms on some devices
  • Misc bug fixes

1.50 (Build 76) - 16/01/2015
  • Bug fix for webview fragment getting destroyed in standby
  • Fixed issue with links not opening where set to target=_blank

1.50 (Build 75) - 12/01/2015
  • 1.50 release incorporating changes from beta 1 and 2

1.50 (Build 74) Beta 2 - 10/12/2014
  • Fix hyperlink sound playback
  • Further improvements to preference handling
  • User agent tweaks
  • Added option to add custom url button to the toolbar see general > custom toolbar url
  • Fixed issue with some urls not loading after the device has been idle for a long time
  • Misc bug fixes
  • Added method for de-activating device license
  • Non-pro/remote users will now see a "Upgrade to Pro" banner in settings
  • Added setHomePage(url) JavaScript function

1.50 (Build 73) Beta 1 - 25/11/2014
  • New application icon and branding
  • Initial tweaks for Android 5.0 Lollipop
  • Default theme is now green, theme can be changed to other colours in Pro version
  • getUserMedia() now supported on Android 5.0 Lollipop
  • Fixed issue with loadHomePage JavaScript function
  • Fixed issue with idle timeout values not being honored
  • Fixed issue with shutdown dialog being shown on some devices
  • Implemented additional new method to access settings (tap screen 4 times in quick succession)
  • Added method to handle upgrade of preferences between version changes
  • Improved licence activation handling
  • Updated RootTools Library
  • Fixed issue with page not rendering until display is touched (4.3 and lower)
  • Kiosk variables such as %KIOSKSERIAL% now works within the website screensaver
  • F5 button on hardware keyboard will now refresh the current page
  • Fixed memory leak on image screensaver
  • Split clear cache, cookies and forms into separate settings
  • Added setting for clearing cache immediately after any page finishes loading
  • Added setting autoplay HTML5 audio
  • Added setting to stop end users from changing the volume with hardware buttons
  • Added setting to turn off password (useful for non interactive kiosks)
  • Added setting for disabling home page reload from application/navigation icon (top left)

1.45 (Build 71) - 16/10/2014
  • New licensing system introduced to allow quick upgrade from free to pro - all pro orders in the coming weeks will use this
  • New JavaScript function openWIFISettings(passwordrequired) to allow access to WiFi settings. On some devices this will allow access to other settings and apps
  • 2 new JavaScript functions getHomepage() and loadHomePage()
  • Fixed issue with multiple variables not working correctly
  • Fixed issue with keyboard closing automatically on some devices
  • Added Javascript function for reloading home page or retrieving home page URL

1.44 (Build 70) - 09/10/2014
  • Improved handling of multiple mac addresses (fixes connection issue with remote console)
  • Admin password validation - you now have to enter your password twice to change it
  • Back/Forward history is now cleared on page reload
  • Added extra idle timeout values
  • Added default camera setting
  • Added remote polling interval setting, you can now pick how often you want the device to poll the server for profile updates
  • Default remote polling interval is now 10 minutes
  • Additional dialog hiding method now tested and working
  • Added automatic file unzip for content being added via the remote management console
  • Added refresh profile menu button when logged into remote management
  • Fixed issue with system menus showing on-top of password dialog
  • Fixed issue relating to fullscreen mode and the image screensaver

1.43 (Build 69) - 18/09/2014
  • Loading page is now displayed when the home page is set to a local storage path. When the storage path is available the home page will automatically reload
  • Resolved potential crash when page finishes loading
  • Added getSerialNumber JavaScript function
  • Added 5,10,15,20,30,45,50 second intervals to the idle timeout option
  • Fixed issue where setWiFiEnabled() did not function correctly
  • Fixed crash when using barcode scanner
  • Added button to disable timeout whilst changing settings
  • Added setScreenBrightness(level) JavaScript function where level is an integer between 1 and 255
  • %LOCALCONTENT% can now be used as a parameter in the home page URL i.e. %LOCALCONTENT%/index.htm

1.42 (Build 67) - 19/08/2014
  • Added barcode redirect URL option for scanning barcodes which do not contain a URL
  • Fix issue with password box disappearing on some devices
  • Handling of eth0 mac address for remote connectivity
  • Added setting to hide system bar on older devices when the device is not interactive i.e. no user interaction
  • %KIOSKSERIAL%, %KIOSKMACADDRESS%, %KIOSKIMEI% can now be used as parameters in the home page URL i.e.
  • Added JavaScript functions getMacAddress() and getIMEI()

1.41 (Build 66) - 17/07/2014
  • Added setting to prevent user from accidentally submitting a form when pressing Go on software keyboard
  • Added initial zoom level setting
  • Fixed issue where progress bar would not disappear after page had loaded
  • Added reverse landscape and portrait to orientation lock

1.41 (Build 65) - 15/07/2014
  • Improvement on loading webview settings when configuration changes are made
  • Fix issue when 'keep screen on' is disabled and 'prevent screen power off' is enabled (not honoring top level setting)
  • Improved handling for HTML5 video autoplay, now checks for autoplay property of video tag
  • Resolved remote login issues where passwords contain special characters
  • Added advanced settings screen
  • Added new setting to disable hardware acceleration in webview, this can resolve crashing issues on some devices
  • Added new pro setting to resize the page when the keyboard is covering an input field (requires restart when enabling)
  • Added new pro setting to enable plugins such as flash (Android 4.3 or lower)
  • Added alternative progress bar when in fullscreen mode

1.40 (Build 64) - 27/06/2014
  • Fixed issue with page not auto-scrolling when a text field gains focus (Android 4.1 and up)
  • Added JavaScript function for changing WiFi state
  • Added setting to hide/show system dialogs such as shutdown dialog when long pressing power button - default is hide
  • Overflow menu is now shown in the top right hand corner for all devices, including those with hardware buttons
  • Added new screen saver mode to display multiple websites on idle timeout
  • Added setting to prevent users from turning the screen off
  • Added home button to action bar
  • Improved handling of root functionality
  • Barcode scanner now automatically closes if idle for 1 minute
  • Added support for basic authentication
  • Added basic diagnostics screen in settings - more options coming in future releases
  • Merge of Remote Management code base

1.39 (Build 62) - 10/06/2014
  • Added support for cookies when using file:// URIs
  • Resolved issue with homepage not reloading when screensaver is enabled
  • Password hint text is now removed if default password has been changed
  • Fixed issue with setting screen auto-closing when entering in a URL
  • Added icons and summary to settings screen

1.38 (Build 61) - 10/06/2014
  • Performance issues resolved on some Android 4.0 devices (note all apps on device boot take time to load)
  • Fixed issue with screensaver not selecting for last image in directory
  • Storage path fixes
  • Fix issue with cookies not syncing to storage
  • Added alternative method to enter settings by pressing application icon 4 times in a row
  • Added setting to enable/disable back button for navigation (default is enabled)
  • Added setting to enable or disable hiding the bottom bar (rooted devices 4.3 and below)

1.37 (Build 59) - 10/06/2014
  • Fix for custom error page not appearing in some scenarios
  • Disable plugin state, performance issues on some devices
  • Fix for app hanging on load for Android 4.0 devices (caused be creating new directory structure)

1.37 (Build 58) - 06/06/2014
  • Screensaver can now either be a folder of images /kioskbrowser/screensaver/ on root of default storage or a video file (kioskvideo.mp4/kioskvideo.mkv). Your device must support the relevant codecs. Note video looping does not work on some devices
  • Custom application icon can no longer be selected, you must place a PNG image in /kioskbrowser/customicon.png on root of default storage
  • Custom html error page can no longer be selected, you must place index.htm file and associated content in /kioskbrowser/errorpage/ on root of default storage
  • Custom html access denied page can no longer be selected, you must place index.htm and associated content in /kioskbrowser/accessdenied/ on root of default storage
  • Password dialog now automatically closes after 30 seconds, includes on-screen timer
  • Fixed force close when playing hyperlink sound on some devices
  • Added JavaScript methods for hiding and showing the soft keyboard
  • Added overview mode setting, this zooms the page out to fit the screen regardless of whether page zooming is enabled
  • Bottom system bar will now be hidden on devices with Android 4.3 or lower if the device is rooted. 4.4 devices can achieve without root
  • Ignore URLs where PDF is a parameter (only open PDFs with direct URL)
  • Device back button now goes back to previous page
  • Added switch camera button in barcode scanner (switch between front and rear camera)

1.36 - 28/05/2014
  • Exit fullscreen is now via swipe from the top of the screen (to match default method in Android 4.4)
  • You can now use volume buttons as method to exit full screen mode
  • Added option to redirect to home page when URL is not in whitelist
  • Improved HTML5 autoplay video support, by default it is enabled
  • Support for XML Export and Import (pro version only)
  • Settings screen now automatically closes if idle for 1 minute
  • Added scroll bar with default fade out (Android 4.2 and up)
  • Fixed whitelist bug where denied url was allowed if it contained referring url
  • Added about screen in settings to display version number and changelog
  • Fullscreen switching bug fixes
  • Fixed issue with webview accepting touches when dismissing screensaver
  • Initial implementation of remote management features

1.35 - 29/04/2014
  • Added URL whitelist option to restrict access to specific URLs
  • Fixed screensaver bitmap memory issue

1.34 - 22/04/2014
  • Fixed issue with 'Exit to Launcher' and 'Settings' menu disappearing.
  • Implemented JavaScript functions for playing default notification sound as well as making the device vibrate for a specified length of time.

1.33 - 10/04/2014
  • PDF viewer bug fixes

1.32 - 08/04/2014
  • Added option to try out all the pro features in the free version
  • PDF viewer bug fixes

1.31 - 27/03/2014
  • Added Screensaver option (pro version only)
  • Added method to view PDFs using the Google Docs PDF viewer

1.30 - 27/03/2014
  • Initial support for full screen video mode (embedded videos)
  • Layout Bug Fixes
  • Merged code base of free and pro version

1.22 - 05/03/2014
  • Fixed GPS requirement
  • Fixed issue with navigation bar covering webview
  • Re-implemented fullscreen mode for Android 4.4 devices, includes hiding of nav bar

  • Move settings from Experimental to Pro
  • Improved cache clearing method
  • Implemented initial JavaScript interface functions
  • Implemented custom 404 error page option

  • Fixed cookie clearing and disabled saving of passwords

  • Added autoplay HTML5 audio (Android 4.2 or higher)

  • Fixed issue accessing settings on 4.4 tablets i.e. Nexus 10

  • Fixed force close on initial load for some devices (sorry for the inconvenience)
  • Page should automatically scroll when keyboard is above text input field

  • Resolved layout issue on KitKat 4.4 devices (content scrolling under action bar)
  • Removed access to notifications on KitKat 4.4 devices (also applies to various Samsung 4.1/4.2/4.3 models)
  • Added 1 hour, 12 hours and 24 hour to timeout values
  • Added option to clear cache on timeout and home page reload
  • Accessing location via JavaScript now works

  • Various bug fixes
  • Added button title for hidden settings icon

  • Fixed issue with idle timeout not functioning correctly when connection was lost

  • Fixed for custom icons image picker not appearing on tablets that have tablet ui i.e. notifications in bottom right hand corner
  • Various bug fixes

  • Added experimental immersive mode for 4.4 KitKat devices (complete full screen - to exit swipe down)

  • Fix for sites using jquery mobile
  • Added option for user agent, note the default is mobile but can be changed to desktop view

  • Various Android 4.4 KitKit bug fixes
  • Added option to reload kiosk home page whenever connection is restored 3G/Wi-Fi
  • Fixed issue with hyperlink sound preference resetting itself
  • Fix for custom icons image picker not appearing

  • Long press for settings (causing issues with zooming) - this has been replaced by a blank square in the top right hand corner
  • Initial work on Android 4.4 KitKit issues
  • Disable saving of form data

  • Custom icon support for top left corner (use any image file on device)
  • Rotation fix to stop page reloading to home page
  • Various bug fixes
  • New branding

  • Removed long press for settings (causing issues with zooming) - this has been replaced by a blank square in the top right hand corner
  • Improvements to disabling system bar buttons
  • Added lights out for system bar (shows dots rather than normal home symbol etc...)
  • Fixed rotation issues
  • Added optional pinch and double-tap zooming
  • Added optional back and forward buttons
  • Added spinner to indicate the page is loading

  • Resolved issue with HTTPS websites and removed access to Google Now

  • Added option to disable caching

  • You can now hide the menu items and access settings via long press and hold on the screen

  • Initial release.

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