The Basics

Kiosk Browser is designed to replace the default launcher on the device, once set as the default it can only be unset by entering the device admin password. As all Android devices have the potential to behave differently we do not suggest you set Kiosk Browser as the default launcher until you have tested gaining access to the settings screen.

By default when attempting to access settings you will be prompted to enter a password (this is to stop end users changing settings). The default password is 4 zeros “0000″. We recommend changing this.

Note if you have a Samsung device running Android 6.0 or higher you may need to set the default launcher manually via Android Settings > Applications > Default Applications > Home Screen.

Accessing Settings:

  • For devices with hardware buttons (home menu & back), press menu then settings
  • For devices with software buttons, press the three dots in the top right hand corner of the device then settings
Alternative Method:

  • For version 1.50 or higher: tap anywhere in the browser window 4 times in quick succession
  • For version 1.45 or lower: tap the top left hand icon 4 times in quick succession

How do I exit Kiosk Browser?

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