Pricing Structure

Kiosk Browser Pricing

Our current pricing for Kiosk Browser Pro, and Kiosk Browser Remote Management can be seen below.  

You are welcome to contact Support with any questions, by emailing our helpdesk, or contacting us on live chat via our website.

Kiosk Browser Pro

£5.00 GBP / $8 USD - per licence, per device.

65% Discount applied at 250+ licences

80% Discount applied at 500+ licences

Licensing FAQs can be found in our Knowledge Base.

Kiosk Browser Remote Management

If you were to look at using our comprehensive Remote Management solution instead of Pro licences; then the pricing structure is as follows:

1-199 devices£1.00 / $1.60 per device per month
200-499 devices£0.90 / $1.45 per device per month
500-999 devices£0.80 / $1.25 per device per month
1000+ devices£0.65 / $1.00 per device per month

Non-profit Discount

40% (annually)

There is a 15% discount on Remote Management for an annual subscription instead of monthly subscription.

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