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The update manager within Remote Management allows you to update Kiosk Browser on your devices without visiting the devices. Currently this is only a feature we can offer on Samsung devices through the Knox SDK. More information on activating Knox can be found here. We are working on providing Update Manager to ALL Android 6.0 or higher devices, but its not quite ready yet.

Devices that are eligible for updates will be listed as per below, you can either choose to manage updates for Kiosk Browser or the security module:

If the device is showing as offline, this doesn't always mean an update cannot be initiated, since the Security Module that controls updates is a separate application on the device. If for example Kiosk Browser isn't running (for some unknown reason) the security module can still update Kiosk Browser providing the device has an internet connection.

How to initiate updates

Against each device you wish to update click the update switch (last column). Then click the green update button. When this button is clicked you will be redirected to the update status page which shows you the LIVE status of all of the updates in progress.

The status column will automatically update as the installation progresses, there are a total of 9 status types:

Request Sent = Sent update request to device

Request Received = Device received update request

Download Started = APK download started

Download Failed = Failed to download APK

Download Complete = APK download complete

Installation Started = Kiosk Browser installation started

Installation Complete = Kiosk Browser update complete

Installation Failed No APK = Attempted install but APK file missing

Installation Failed = Failed to install

If the status remains stuck on "Request Sent" its likely the device has not received the update request (normally if it has no internet connection or push notifications are not working).

To clear devices from the update status page, just click the icon. This will then allow you to start the update again as and when the device is available.

If the status displays "Installation Complete", the device will no longer display in the update manager at least until a newer version is available.

How the process works:

  • Device downloads latest APK from central server
  • Checks the APK file version
  • Security module app launches its own locked down activity to prevent user from exiting
  • Kiosk Browser gets updated
  • Kiosk Browser is once again set as the default launcher

Video Demo

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