How can I get Kiosk Browser to start at boot?

Kiosk Browser is designed to replace the default launcher on the device. Once set as the default it will always be launched at bootup automatically. If you are receiving the "set default" screen at startup then you must be aware of the following:

If you turn off/reboot the device by tapping "Exit to launcher" this will always cause this behaviour, it is by design. To turn off/reboot the device you should tap Settings, enter the password and then power the device off as normal (hold down power button until power off menu appears).

Note if you have a Samsung device running Android 6.0 or higher you may need to set the default launcher manually via Android Settings > Applications > Default Applications > Home Screen.

If you want your end users to be able to reboot the device please see this article.

More information on defaults can be found on the basics here.

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