List of endpoints available through our API.

For information on how to use the API please see this article.

Device Endpoint


/api/device - get all devices on account

/api/device/1 - get device with id of 1


/api/device/1 - delete/unpair device with id of 1

Device Group Endpoint


/api/devicegroup - get all device groups on account

/api/devicegroup/1 - get devicegroup with id of 1


/api/devicegroup - create device group, include json in the request body as per below:

{\"name\":\"My Device Group\",\"profileid\":1,\"createregistrationkey\":false}

If "createregistrationkey" is set to true, a registration key associated with the device group will be created and it will be returned in the response.

Push Endpoint


/api/push/1/pushtype - send push request to device ID 1 with push type from list below

/api/pushgroup/1/pushtype - send push request to all devices in devicegroup ID 1 with push type from list below

Valid Push Types

1 = Request Status from Device (heartbeat to server, battery, screen state etc...)

2 = Update device info (information such as software version, Android version etc...)

3 = Restart Application

4 = Take App Screenshot/device screenshot if Knox activated device (returned JSON includes Data & ImageURL value if available)**

5 = Reload Home Page
6 = Open WiFi Settings

7 = Identify device (show message box)

8 = Force Download Profile

9 = Download Profile (will only update if change has been detected)

10 = Screen Off
11 = Screen On

12 = Open Kiosk Browser Settings

13 = Open TeamViewer QuickSupport or TeamViewer Host (if installed)

14 = Exit Kiosk Browser

15 = Clear WebView Cache and reload Kiosk Url

16 = Clear WebView Cookies and reload Kiosk Url

17 = Clear WebView Forms and reload Kiosk Url

18 = Clear WebView Cache, Cookies & Forms and reload Kiosk Url

19 = Upload device events data (for reporting), by default this occurs every 24 hours

20 = Upload device session data (for reporting), by default this occurs every 24 hours

21 = Clear WebView HTML5 WebStorage

23 = Regain focus, brings Kiosk Browser to the front of the stack

24 = Execute JavaScript kbRemoteFunction() on device (v2.6.2 or higher)

201 = Reboot device, Samsung Knox activated devices only

**App Screenshot - Upload can take 10 seconds and API call result does not await upload, it merely provides you with the URL the image will be available from. Note this is for a single device only, not supported via the pushgroup endpoint.

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