Add Alert Email Customization

User612 2 years ago in Remote Management • updated by Richard 2 years ago 12

It would be great if you could customize the emails that get sent out when a alert is triggered with a custom message.

An example string would be:

The alert for <<DeviceName>> has triggered to resolve this problem please follow the instructions in this document (Link To Document.)



We are planning to add this in a future release.

Great! This will be a welcome addition to the already great KBR remote!

Do you have an estimated date when this feature will be avialble.

Within the next 3 weeks.

There has been a slight change of plan with this feature, we will be instead looking to implement Jan 2016.

Do you have a reason for the dealy.

Yes, some other priorities have taken longer than expected and we do not want to rush the new feature, it needs to be done properly.

Hello, just wanted to know if this idea is still being worked on, and when it will be released?

Yes this is still planned but unfortunately we've had to delay this functionality due to the volume of work we currently have on.

Just to keep you updated, we have now begun work on this feature.


This has now been implemented, please see this article.