Motion Chime Option

User1282 2 years ago in Application • updated 2 years ago 3

This is NOT for capturing images, however some of the placements of the kiosk don't always catch the attention of those walking by (I use small 7" android devices). Having the option to use the front facing camera to detect motion and simply play some sound clip such as a CHIME or other sound file. (maybe allow that sound file to be downloaded to the android device remotely). The thought is this could be a neat way to help draw the attention of those walking by the device to look at it and hopefully interact or check out what is being displayed over to the kiosk. (Obviously this would not work in a busy place, but in my case with small business and light foot traffic, finding a way to capture the attention of those walking in front of the device would be helpful)

Under review


I'm afraid we don't have any plans to add such a feature at present.

No problem, keep up all the good work!