Login Screen / Password After the screensaver

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Would it be possible for us to have screensaver > a signin form > homepage

And then have a session type system that took the users to the home page rather than sign in form. It would be nice if you could control the settings for this via the remote control system too,

If the software doesn't/won't in the future natively, do you have any suggestions on how to accomplish this,

Thanks for your time,



was fine, couldnt really have put it any other way anyway

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Can you please try and explain this in more detail, I'm, not 100% sure what you are asking for.

Yes of course sorry,

Basically you have the screensaver that runs as usual, however when the user taps the screen they are asked to either register or login, and once logged in can use the software as normal.

Im not sure if thats any better, if not please say


We certainly don't have any plans to do something like that to "re-enable" the use of Kiosk Browser after the screensaver has been dismissed.

Ah okay fair enough, tbh i wasn't expecting you too, its not exactly something that most people want, or even something i want for this either, but i was asked to ask, well probably do it through the web,

Thanks for your time