Android update - lock system toolbar & swipe down isn't blocked

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We have been testing the pro version, and it was all working fine until our device updated Android (to V 5.0.2 from 4.4). Now, we have enabled the Settings > Display > Full Screen Mode, so the user can't swipe down and the system bar is locked / hidden. The device profile is exactly the same as before, however now, we swipe down and engage with the toolbar and system settings etc.

Please advise how we can really enable the disabling of this in the android version.

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I presume you mean you can swipe down to access notifications etc? Are you sure you have "prevent access to notifications" enabled?

Ah, that wasn't enabled for some reason. Okay cool, so now we can swipe up and down and see the options but none of them work (which is good!). Is there a way to disable those swipe functions entirely?


You can't prevent the bottom system bar from showing without root. You can prevent Kiosk Browsers toolbar from showing in Settings > Toolbar > Show toolbar on swipe down.

I have show toolbar on swipe down disabled, but I can still swipe up and down (although the buttons don't work which is good). Can I disable the swipe actions working completely?

No, this is an Android system function from 4.4 and up. You can only disable the toolbar from showing om Swipe down.

Hmmm - I can swipe down and the top toolbar shows and brings up the bottom toolbar as well? With all the functions described above enabled/disabled.

Which top toolbar are you referring to? If you mean the clock, wifi status etc then no this cant be hidden.

Okay no worries, I guess this is the best we can get with android right now :) thanks.

how do we prevent someone from clicking on home button after someone swipes down from top of screen. enebling the feature to hide bottom bar crashes our system. we are rooted running android 5.1

We just replied to your ticket, you must set Kiosk Browser as the default launcher.