Clone Profile Issue With Managed Files

User1282 2 years ago in Remote Management • updated by Richard 2 years ago 6

I have my main default profile where I have added some custom files

under the Manage Files section. However, I noticed when I cloned that

profile to make a copy for a new kiosk profile the FILES did not copy

over. This would be great if those also copied over as well, unless I

missed something it doesn't do it automatically thus I have to remember

to upload my custom files to each new cloned profile (kinda of defeats

the whole purpose of cloning)

Under review


I'm afraid cloning only copies the settings and not the files.

If you are re-using the same settings and files over and over again you should be able to use the same profile?

Normally that is true and then I modify the specific device using OVERRIDES to establish its custom URL HOMEPAGE. However when I have more devices at a specific location I then create its own profile, and hoped the special files would clone too. Otherwise I still need to individually upload any custom files - and in my case they are usually the same. I just thought adding an option during the cloning process to either select YES or NO to copy any files as well would be more productive. Thought it could be considered for future upgrades. Thanks for responding to my questions. Love the app and the remote system. Looking forward to grow my kiosk program.

We will certainly consider it.

Thanks for actively supporting such a great product. I just ordered 15 new tablets and working on getting them placed and have chosen your product to manage them remotely !


For the time being we have decided not to including the cloning of files due to the complexity of the storage infrastructure backend. We will of course continue to review previously declined feature requests, so this may be added in the future.