Offline device had forgotten profile when started

User871 2 years ago in Remote Management • updated by Richard 2 years ago 7

I recently had a device offline for three days. When I finally got it back online it had forgotten the profile assigned to it. Or, more specifically, the URL override. Once I forced the profile from the management console it worked just fine again.


Very nice, looking forward to this feature

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Did the device happen to have a kioskbrowserconfig.xml on the device? It would have automatically imported this configuration on startup.

I have not knowingly placed one on the device, I hooked it up to the remote management right from the start when I installed it.

Unfortunately its not very easy to track down where the cause lies, it would only reset to defaults if a config file had been imported or a change of profile on remote management.


Is there something easy I can do to make sure there isn't a kioskbrowserconfig.xml on my devices? Preferably using the remote management. But also when physically inspecting them, I suppose.

No I'm afraid there isn't. In theory the two should never be used together but in practice this does happen from time to time. We will certainly put some thought into it for the future.


We've added a check in the software to prevent config files from automatically importing when connected to remote management. Note this is in the next release.