Detailed statistics ​for troubleshooting purposes

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Sometimes I have a device misbehaving, and it would help a lot if I could have access to more detailed statistics than currently available.

  • Network connectivity
  • Charger plugged in
  • Battery history

I know that the battery history is available, but it's not quite clear what the resolution is, and it seems to be for a very short period. I'd like the things above to be accessible for at least a week, preferably with all data points intact, so I have a chance to dig into them when there's a problem.

In addition, of the device can't report them, I'd like it to store it locally and report them when connectivity is restored.

Also, I'd like the red "Last seen x days ago" to be more specific. Just give me the date and time, it will also help in troubleshooting.

(A bit of background for this request: I recently had a case where a device in a remote location unexpectedly lost connectivity (network provider performed work without notifying us). While being offline somebody managed to pull the plug for the device, and some hours later the battery was dead. Now, as the device was offline, I never got any reports about the power issue. Anyway, after far too long we figured out the problem and got it running again. For the analysis it sure would be great if the device - when being online again - could report on its history so we could find the person who thought it was a great idea to unplug the device.)

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We already have plans to introduce a reporting module to allow you to look in this kind of thing in more detail. However currently certain data is not available in the backend to report on retrospectively (unless there happens to be an alert in place). The only exception to this is the battery data which is currently stored (used to populate graph).

The good news is that its coming and has high priority but I do not currently have an ETA I can share with you.

Very nice. I'd be willing to beta test this, if that would help.

Thanks, although its likely we will release it to everyone in "beta".


We've implemented some reports now, we will keep adding to these in the future.

Yeah, I've seen them - very nice.

It would be good to know what the roadmap is for the reporting, so I know what kind of feedback to give. While it's good there is some logging now, the consumption of the data could be improved by graphs, for instance. But as it stands, I'd be willing to let most of those things go if I had the option to easily export the displayed values to csv so I could import into a spreadsheet and do further analysis.

(That said, I'd love to also have data over network connectivity.)

There isn't a roadmap as such, we generally take feedback and implement it along with our own ideas. Yes graphs will be added but for the moment making the core data available is the most important thing.

You can export out to an Excel spreadsheet for now by clicking the three dots at the top of the page:

Connectivity data is more complicated but it is coming. In the mean time, the battery & charging state report shows all of the heartbeat connections made to "phone home".

There are many caveats, for example our system will decide if the device is offline after a 15 minute interval but the wifi could have easily dropped and re-connected during this time (therefore the device has been offline but we wouldnt know). We will be expanding the "events" report initially to capture more of these scenarios, including the likes of power changes between hearbeat intervals.

Oh, I didn't see the export functionality - just want I needed, thanks.

Two notes on the export: It contains the device identifier, which is fine. Could you please add a column with the given name? And the timestamp is in some US standard that is painful to parse. Perhaps use the same nice ISO formatting as you do on your site? (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS)


Sure will look into adding (device id & name) and changing the date format, should be coming out in YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss

We've made the changes to the code, but cant deploy the update until next week as there are a couple of other improvements elsewhere that have to be tested before release.

Understood, that's perfectly fine. Thanks for the update and have a nice weekend


Is there any way to enable or disable the location of the tablet through KioskBrowser?

Only by turning off location services locally on the device.