60 seconds

User330 3 months ago in Application • updated by Richard 3 months ago 4

Hi, it seems that every 60 seconds, our page refreshes and it is visible on the kiosk, because it tries to dynamically fit the page back to the right size or something. So when kiosk is on home screen, every 60 seconds you see the page refreshing. 

We have idle page timeout settings on 9 minutes. Any idea what could trigger this?


Under review

Please take a look at all the reload options and see if any are causing this by process of  elimination.


Reload home page (under connectivity) can cause this on some devices with unreliable WiFi adapters.

It's seems it's none of those.. any other suggestions?


It's solved, switched to another profile. Will look in to what the difference ibetween the profiles is. Thanks.