Limits on Remote Management Trial

walt 3 months ago in Remote Management • updated by Richard 3 months ago 4

Is there a limit to the number of devices that can be registered for Remote Management during a trial?  I have 5 devices setup, and tried to register others, but they don't show up in the Device List.

Thanks, W

Under review

Hi Walt

There is no limit to the volume of devices that can be registered during the KB Remote Management trial. 

We've not seen the issue before, can you provide any further information? 

Many thanks

Can you check whether you have signed up to two trial accounts? 

Its possible you've signed up with a username and password account, as well as using a Google login. 

This would be two separate accounts and it's possible that your devices are being added to the second account.

Thanks for the quick response.  What was happening was some of the tablets linked just fine, but others needed an update for Google Play.  Once that was applied, they were able to connect to Google Play, download any updates, and then linked up to the Remote Management just fine.

Update the devices, and all's well!