When using custom email alerts test emails do not send.

User612 2 years ago in Remote Management • updated by Richard 2 years ago 11

Hello, I was trying to setup the custom alert messages and when you check to have a test email to send it doesn't send one.

Under review

You need to make sure the "enable" box is ticked when you hit save.

The box is enabled.

It should work fine then, make sure the email isnt getting caught in spam. Also make sure the subject and body fields both have text in them. We will take a look into it tomorrow to see if there are any issues.

can the subject have the special identifiers in them i.e %DEVICENAME%

Yes it can. Are you testing the trigger or resolved alert?

We will run some tests to see if there are any issues.

Can you provide the subject and body you have been using? Just tried a trigger alert test with no issues.

We discovered a scenario where the test feature is unable to find a "test device" in order to send the email, hopefully this is now resolved.