Paste or Shortern the registration key

User4226 3 months ago in Remote Management • updated by Richard 3 months ago 4

Alot of our clients will be registering 10 or more devices at a time, this would be far easier if the registration key was shorter or if they could paste the key in from the clipboard. Perhaps in the remote management settings we could set the length of the reg keys we generate with a min character length of course

Under review


It's already possible to paste. Alternatively they could copy the XML file over to the device for automatic registration. Some customers utilise the JavaScript interface to make registration easier. I.e. create customer specific pages, ask them to set the URL to mydomain.com/cust then click a register button.


Hi, I have read this article and it says to copy the settings file into the 'default storage area' but I can't work it out where is this location (downloads folder doesn't work - it doesn't pick up the key)

You need to place the file outside of the downloads folder.