Automatic Home Page Reload Timeout Does Not Reset After Loading a URL Via Intent Broadcast

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We our configured to have the home page reload on a 5 minute timer and is set to always reload. After we load a URL with an intent, the timeout does not reset. This sometimes results in the page reloading to the home page before a user has a chance to interact with the newly loaded url. It's my suggestion that this behavior is a bug and not anyone's expectations. 

Under review


This does appear to be a bug, we will look into resolving this for the next release and will include an updated APK here that you can test.

This bug has been fixed in readiness for the next release. I've attached an APK you can test with.

Richard, I tested the apk, and it seems like the timer is now broken when the page is reloaded with intent. The timer does not start until the next user interaction(touch action). I tested twice with the same behavior and waited 3x the idle timeout both times to confirm the issue.

What URL are you sending in the intent? i.e. is it the same as the Kiosk URL? 

Do you have the "Timeout: always reload" setting turned on?

Always Reload is off, and we would prefer for it to remain off for various reasons.
The URL is nearly the same. The scanned barcode is appended to the base URL as a parameter, and the page is refreshed using that URL. I'm not sure of the exact mechanism(s) being used.

Please try the attached, the specific issue you are having now relates to the "always reload" setting because the device is not being touched. This should resolve that.


Fantastic. I'll try it now and update shortly

Works as expected! Thanks for the expeditious assistance!

Our dev team recommends to wait for an official release to update the app on our production units. When would an official release with this patch be available?

Will try to release tomorrow as it's the only change since the 2.6.1 release today.

Fantastic news! I'll inform the relevant parties.

This has now been released.

Updated from the Play Store, tested, and verified working! Damn fine work, sir.