Support for "capture" attribute of HTML input type="file"

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The following HTML is from page source of a client rendered by an ASP.NET server:

<input type="file" name="ctl00$MainContent$fileUpload" id="ctl00_MainContent_fileUpload" accept="image/*" capture onchange="pictureSelected()" style="display:none;" />

When this hidden control receives a click event via a visible button, both Chrome and Kiosk Browser allow uploading an image from the camera.

In Chrome, the click immediately opens the camera full screen.

In Kiosk Browser, the Android dialog to select an image source appears, with icons for the camera and other apps that contain images.  After a tap on the camera icon, the rest of the photo capture experience is the same as under Chrome.

Note that Kiosk Browser does appear to support the "accept" attribute in this situation because only sources of images are available on the dialog.  Chrome further apparently supports the "capture" attribute to go directly to the camera.

If possible, it would be great if we could skip the image source dialog and go directly to the camera under Kiosk Browser.

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Thanks for the suggestion. If I remember correctly there were some technical issues around this but we will look into it again.

Thank-you for looking into it again.

We've found a way to handle this (Android 5.0 or higher), we technically only support image uploads currently, so the accept attribute isn't actually honoured correctly but either way it resolves you issue. I will be uploading a pre-release APK for you.


Please see attached apk, note the other changes in this pre-release version.


Using the APK above on a Samsung Galaxy Tab Active with Android 5.1.1, the capture attribute now causes the camera to be launched without selecting it first.  Exactly what we  asked for.  Thank-you very much.