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Would it be possible to create a report that allows you to select multiple devices and show the status for each - even just single data status.  For example I have over 100 devices with a client and i have to report each week on how many are switched off and for how long they have been off.


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We don't currently have an easy way of analysing data in this way, as you can see from looking at an individual device event report we capture a lot of data but processing this is another matter entirely. For example the only way to assume a device is "off" is if its not communicating with remote management but some could argue (depending on use case), just because it's not got internet access it doesn't mean the device isn't in service.

We have plans to create a report for analysing connectivity for remote management but we need to start logging the data in a different way for it to be useful.

Hi Richard,

Many thanks for the quick response.  I don't really have any problem with the way the data is captured at the moment.  for us if the survey isn't running (we use the devices for customer feedback surveys) then it is essentially 'off'.  The RM status works perfectly for this.  Where i was hoping for a development is in how to output a report telling me which devices are 'off' and for how long.  This is all info i can see on an individual basis.  It would be great if i could select X No. of devices and run a report saying if they are off or on - if 'off' then note the length of time it has been off.


Ah ok, so you just want a snapshot at the current moment in time, not so much in the past? If so you can just export to Excel from the main devices page.

Brilliant - no idea why i didn't see that before!  Thanks


No problem!

one more question - is there a way to set up a future time for the export to happen?  Or is it purely a manual click process?

It's a manual process.