How can i import settings from one device to the other to save time?

Jason Morbidelli 9 months ago in Application • updated by Richard 9 months ago 6

I have a deployment of 10 tablets instead of inputing my settings over and over again can I save my settings and import them to a new tablet. 

There is an Export/Import: https://kioskbrowser.userecho.com/topics/77-xml-import-export/
But I can't find the kioskbrowserconfig.xml file :(

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Once you've exported it, it will be in the root folder on the device. You will need to use a file Explorer app to find it.

Mine says: Export to: /storage/emulated/0/kioskbrowserconfig.xml

But the file isn't there, even tried installing ES File Explorer and looking for hidden files, still no xml file :(


Have you granted kiosk browser the relevant permissions via settings > About > Permissions.

Ahh.. doh.. it was missing storage.. thanks for the help :)


No problem.