NFC tag guide

User2883 10 months ago • updated by Richard 10 months ago 7

Hi do you have a guide for how to use NFC tags with Kiosk Browser? I dont get how it is supposed to be used. Can I access the NFC using JavaScript?

Yes I have seen that. But i dont understand how to use the NFC tools with the kiosk browser.

There aren't any specific tools. You programme the tag using the recommended app in the guide and then just place the device  over the tag, it will then load the url.

Oh I see but that is not very useful. I would like it accessible with JavaScript. Typical scenario is to identify the user using it.

Its not designed to work that way I'm afraid, URL tags are the only tags that are supported.

How do I use the NFC tool to send the NFC signal? assuming that I dont have a writable NFC tag available.

It only works with tags that have data written to them already.