How do I obtain the IP of a device, remotely?

User3077 10 months ago in Remote Management • updated by Richard 9 months ago 4

How do I obtain the IP address of a device, remotely?  I know that I can get the MAC address, but need the IP address.

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We don't currently store this information I'm afraid.

Thanks @Richard. I recognize KB doesn't store it.  However, is there a way for me to pull the information from the Device...in the same way that i can get the MAC address and other device info? Why wouldn't IP be there?


Not via remote management no, we just havent stored it in the backend.


We are going to look into adding this into future builds so the information can be reported back to remote management for viewing via the device detail page. It will however ultimately require an updated version installed on each device.

For clarity, other ways to access the IP address on the device itself include a URL parameter %KIOSKIPADDRESS%" or by using the JavaScript function getIPAddress()