File groups via FTP or webstorage

User2691 12 months ago in Remote Management • updated by Richard 3 months ago 4

Hello, would it be possible to sync the file groups folder, via an external ftp or domain? Uploading and testing file versions (specially when a huge ammount of files are needed) via the File Group manager, its kind of difficult.

Under review


I'm afraid such a feature doesn't exist, we've got it on our list to discuss but its low priority at the moment.


I second the fact that uploading 1000's of files and directories via file groups is very difficult


We've added folder uploads (including nested folders/files) into the latest remote management release (pending 2018 release). Supported by Chrome, Firefox & Edge or anything else that supports webkit based folder uploads.

With folder and API support we feel the user experience is much improved and we have no plans to sync with FTP servers or other similar solutions.