Hiding System Status Bar

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Greatly appreciate your Kiosk Software so far.

I just have the question if you plan on implementing a feature for devices which don't use Samsung Knox for completely hiding the System Status Bar (wifi, clock, ...) even on Swipe Down.

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Under review


No I'm afraid this isn't possible (without drawing our own coloured bar over the top).

Okay, it's awesome nonetheless and even if you would put your coloured bar over the top it wouldn't change the bottom bar to come up.

Thank you very much for the fast support.


Correct, these are just system level things we can't change unfortunately. Partly why we introduced the Knox module to give users with those devices more power.

hi, to hide the system status bar (without samsung knox) you have to root the device and flag the setting in the rooted device menu in the app settings

we successfully hide the bar in two devices, preventing the user to exit the application

The bar they were referring to is the bar at the top of the screen. You are referring to to the navigation bar at the bottom. You still still prevent users from exiting the application without having this option enabled, you just need to set Kiosk Browser as the default launcher.