KioskBrowser and Autovoice

Vince 1 year ago • updated by Richard 1 year ago 4

Is it possible to use Autovoice and tasker with kioskbrowser. I try it for domotic usage without sucess but some parameters are maybe required ?

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Please can you provide more information on how you are trying to use it. It's not something we are familiar with.

I have installed Autovoce and tasker on my tablet and all run in background. When i say a hotword (ex: Ok Google) autovoice get the spoken sentence text and send it to tasker. Tasker execute command (ex: turn on the light).

When kioskbrowser is launch, nothing is happening.

Kiosk Browser automatically sends all apps to the background when they attempt to launch (especially on device startup). Some apps do not like this because they initially require some form of UI when they launch.