Samsung Specific Features [Knox]

Richard 1 year ago in Application • updated 7 months ago 9

We are looking to add additional features through the Samsung Knox SDK in a future release, such features may include:

  • Device Reboot
  • Completely hide notification bar (even on swipe down)
  • Disable recents button (different to our normal method)
  • Prevent device from booting into safe mode
  • Disable S Voice
  • Force Kiosk Browser as default launcher without prompt
  • Install Kiosk Browser updates remotely (remote management)
  • Full device screenshots

The Knox SDK allows us to control different functions that cannot be controlled with the standard Android SDK.

We would like your suggestions for the app itself and remote management functions :)

Sounds good, i know its a idea for another time, but if you could add more rooted device features too :)

Thanks & keep up good work

Can you describe more about automatic APK installation? Auto Boot on power connected would be great as well.

Under review

It may allow us to provide an upgrade mechanism and/or install additional APKs without user intervention.

Awesome! The S Voice and APK installation features will be REALLY useful :)


Quick video demo of the upcoming Update Manager feature of Remote Management. This will require an additional application to be installed on your devices. More detail coming soon.


Release is planned for early December following final testing.

Is it possible to add the KNOX API function which would allow up to turn on the WIFI Hotspot functionality of the Android programatically, and keep the Hotspot turned on indefinitely without timing out. Thanks!


This wouldn't be something specific to Knox. Technically it could be developed for all devices but it's not currently a feature.