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Javascript browser alert: are you sure to leave this page?

User3314 9 months ago in Application • updated by Richard 9 months ago 5


First time using this app. Really easy to deploy, great functions.

What we want: give guest an easy way to leave a review on 'Zoover.nl'

What I did: configure everything, it is working great.

Problem: Zoover is using a javascript(?) pop-up/alert, preventing to leave the page. It gives me the following:

It says (in Dutch): Changes you've made won't be saved. Are you sure to leave this page? Yes/No.

I don't need this alert, I just want the page to completely reload every, lets say, 5 minutes after idle. It should completely forget the current page (including all the forms and this kind of javascript alerts), and reload a new page.

Is this possible? Is there some setting I can change? Or can you change/update something so it will work this way?

I almost bought a license, and sure will do, but I need this to be resolved first.

I really hope you can help me out!

Kind regards,



How do I grant access to one website?

brandi 9 months ago in Application • updated by Andrew 9 months ago 1

I need to allow consumers that ability to go through a full website. As I am just in demo mode now I cannot access the full website it will only stay on the first page. Is there a way to grant access to the whole website without listing every link on the whitelist? 

Andrew 9 months ago

Hi Brandi

Please see the following article on the whitelist, which will explain how you can include all sub-domains


There's also an article on using pro demo mode here:


This will enable all Pro features, however you will see a "Pro Demo Mode - Commercial Use Not Permitted" message each time a page is loaded and whilst using certain Pro features.

Running in Pro Demo Mode for longer than 30 days would be in breach of the licence terms.

Hope this helps, please let us know if you have any further questions. 

Many thanks


Problem with pdf document when is generated in url whith parameters:

javier 9 months ago in Application • updated by Andrew 9 months ago 9


I need show a pdf document generated this way:

<a href="http://www.mydomain.com/?user=user&pass=password">show pdf</a>

this way don work.

I watch this https://kioskbrowser.userecho.com/topics/141-pdf-support/ but with parameter dont work

I also put type="application/pdf" but

we have the pro version in the company


Support for "capture" attribute of HTML input type="file"

CSnet 9 months ago in Application • updated 9 months ago 5

The following HTML is from page source of a client rendered by an ASP.NET server:

<input type="file" name="ctl00$MainContent$fileUpload" id="ctl00_MainContent_fileUpload" accept="image/*" capture onchange="pictureSelected()" style="display:none;" />

When this hidden control receives a click event via a visible button, both Chrome and Kiosk Browser allow uploading an image from the camera.

In Chrome, the click immediately opens the camera full screen.

In Kiosk Browser, the Android dialog to select an image source appears, with icons for the camera and other apps that contain images.  After a tap on the camera icon, the rest of the photo capture experience is the same as under Chrome.

Note that Kiosk Browser does appear to support the "accept" attribute in this situation because only sources of images are available on the dialog.  Chrome further apparently supports the "capture" attribute to go directly to the camera.

If possible, it would be great if we could skip the image source dialog and go directly to the camera under Kiosk Browser.

Related article:



URL Not Saving

paul3252 10 months ago in Application • updated by Richard 10 months ago 5

For a couple of years the tablet (Samnsung Note 10.1) has been using a URL for the homepage. I have now changed the url, but it appears to not be saving. When the tablet turns off and comes back on the old URL is still present and not the new one. I have to keep re-entering the settings, change to new URL until a restart and then have to change over again. Any ideas how/why URL setting is not saving?

Not a bug

Can't hide toolbar and system bar in Moto G4

jill 10 months ago in Application • updated by Richard 10 months ago 1

I have enabled Full Screen Mode as well as Always Hide Toolbar, but both the System Bar and Toolbar return on swipe.


Reload home URL when using power button to turn screen on?

CSnet 10 months ago in Application • updated by Richard 10 months ago 10

I have not found a setting in General or Connectivity that will reload the home URL whenever the user turns the Samsung Tab Active display back on by using the power button. The content of my home URL page changes during the day, and i need to see the up to date page immediately, before interacting with it.

Android - Settings - Display - Screen Timeout is set to 2 minutes. Kiosk Browser Settings are General - Idle Page Timeout 1 minute enabled and Always Reload enabled, Connectivity - Reload home Page enabled and Reset WiFi enabled.  

Is there a setting that will reload the page whenever the power button is used to turn the display back on?


how to change browser (& system) locale or language?

User2883 11 months ago in Application • updated by Richard 11 months ago 4

I am trying to get some html code <input type="date"/> to be displayed in swedish format.

Currently it is always shown as english us format which is confusing for our users.

Is it possible to change the browser or system language?


Video controls

Brian Smith 11 months ago in Application • updated by Richard 11 months ago 2

I'm trying to link and play Youtube videos through KB, but am pretty disappointed in the layout. The standard webview player controls are pretty tiny for my kiosk tablet, which makes it difficult for students to move through the video. It also autoloads CC, which I do not want (the Youtube autogenerated CC is way off and confusing). I've tried playing around with the CSS and the iFrame settings in an attempt to fix this, but nothing seems to work.

Are there any ways to change the default controls/settings for your video player?


Extend %DEVICENAME% to javascript and URL?

User255 11 months ago in Application • updated by Richard 11 months ago 4

Hi, I noticed on another post that the request for the device name (%DEVICENAME%) to be used as part of the Kiosk Title was added.


As far as I can see - although I haven't tested this extensively - this wasn't added to the URL or javascript options

Would it be possible to add this variable for use with URL and as a javascript function to retrieve the device name?

This would be really useful for us as the only way I can see of doing it at the moment is creating a manual key/value pair based upon the uniqueID in a backend database. This is liable to lose synchronisation when the tablets are swapped out due to breakages etc and the db is not updated and as we want to use it as an identifier for permissions. Setting the device name is always done before deployment.