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Do kiosk browser pro license include remote management https://www.kbremote.net/?

Aaron Nel 2 years ago in Application • updated by Richard 2 years ago 2

If I have bought kiosk browser pro licenses, does this include the remote management log in at https://www.kbremote.net/ ?

Richard 2 years ago

No it does not, remote management is a subscription service paid either monthly or annually. If you subscribe to remote management you do not need to buy pro licences.



History, Passwords and Form Input : deleted after the session?

User348 2 years ago in Application • updated by Richard 2 years ago 1


in case one user is surfing the internet (history!) and will enter passwords and data to forms will this be stored or deleted after the sessions ends?

Best regares, Rainer


Preventing Power Off

David Woodison 2 years ago in Application • updated by Richard 2 years ago 5

Is it possible to prevent the power button functioning whilst in kiosk mode?


Single press = lock screen

Hold = Power Off options


JavaScript problem

Stefen Howard 2 years ago in Application • updated by Richard 2 years ago 19


I am using Kiosk Browser Lockdown on a tablet locked into this site:
Most of the pages use JavaScript, including many pages that use Google Maps. I've had no problem with the scripts working *except* on pages that display 360 degree spherical images using the three.js libraries. These pages work just fine in Chrome, Firefox, and any other browser I've tested. They just won't work in Kiosk Browser Lockdown.
Here is an example page:
WebView has been updated to newest version and Android version is 5.x (Device is 400 miles away on site, so I'd need to have someone check if its important)
Do you have any idea why this might be happening?
Thank you

Possible to hide loading icon between page loads?

David Woodison 2 years ago in Application • updated by Richard 2 years ago 1

Running Kiosk Browser on a Samsung Android 5.0.1 in labs ahead of a wider roll out.

On page load, there is a page loading icon appearing. Is it possible to hide this?

Have tried disabling hardware acceleration based on a similar issue but no success


Richard 2 years ago

The circular progress bar can be hidden in Settings > Advanced > Hide Progress Bar.


Error - couldn't generate print job

Anurag 2 years ago in Application • updated 2 years ago 3


Recently I've tried to print a pdf file , but its showing Error - couldn't generate print job.

same error is popping out even if we select "save as pdf " Option

Please help


Kiosk Browser Trial reloads after a few minutes

Sander Kruger 2 years ago in Application • updated by Richard 2 years ago 1

I'm testing Kiosk Browser with my app. My main concern is if the system doesn't lock up or go wrong or anything after hours of operation, so I'm letting it sit.

In variably, after a few minutes I get a message that it is the trial version and then the page reloads. After a few times, this leads to a blank screen and everthing is over.

Is it normal that the browser reloads the page? Is this the same in the licensed version?

Richard 2 years ago


This is by design, its a setting called "idle page timeout". It reloads the home page if the Kiosk has been idle for the specified amount of time. You can just turn the setting off if you wish, it's under Settings > General.


Print javascript function

Anurag 2 years ago in Application • updated by User1282 2 years ago 2

How to invoke Print action using javascript function on webpage ?


menu button is not clickable

Anurag 2 years ago in Application • updated by Richard 2 years ago 4

I am using Kiosk browser on a 7 inch android tablet. The menu button on the top right corner is not getting clicked on touch. some times it gets clicked after trying to click for 15 to 20 times in that area. It worked well on other devices but now on this new device it is not working.

At first I had doubt on touch screen of tablet, but later it was found that the touch screen was fine as the similar menu in top right corners of other apps like google drive, adobe reader was clickable. but not of Kiosk browser.

I even tried to uncheck hardware acceleration option in settings to solve the performance issue. But the problem persists.

Please Help.

Not a bug

Homepage reload resets screen brightness?

User309 2 years ago in Application • updated 2 years ago 8

Hi there.

We have an application with a javascript on the homepage. The first thing the homepage does is setting the device's brightness to 1 (Android.setScreenBrightness(1)) and then it might modify the brightness based on different application variables. But it is not unusual for the screen brightness to remain at 1 given that some devices are installed in a low-light scenario where images are being projected on walls.

Now we have kiosk-browser force reload the homepage every 5 minutes, and when this happens, the screen goes back to full brightness for a fraction of a second, and then back to the level set by the homepage. It is very short, like a "flash".

We have debugged our script but cannot find any errors. We've been trying to find the root cause for this for the past several weeks, and given that this happens when the page is being reloaded, our best guess at this point is that whenever the homepage reloads, kiosk-browser is somehow resetting the screen brightness until the script on the homepage kick-in again.

Is this possible?

As always, thank you for the support,