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when not connected I don't want it to show the URL

User1468 9 months ago in Application • updated by Richard 9 months ago 3

I don't want the users to have the URL I'm running on the APP. Is it possible to show something else when the device is unable to connect to the home URL?


How can i import settings from one device to the other to save time?

Jason Morbidelli 11 months ago in Application • updated by Richard 11 months ago 6

I have a deployment of 10 tablets instead of inputing my settings over and over again can I save my settings and import them to a new tablet. 


Kiosk Browser back as topmost application

User309 2 years ago in Application • updated by Richard 2 years ago 2

Have Kiosk Browser become the TopMost application after X amount of minutes of being the background.

This is useful for when you use the Android.openApplication('myapp') API call.

Richard 2 years ago

This has been added to v2.0.22 and will be released this week.

openApplication(packagename, regainFocusInterval)


Disable idle timeout (while watching video)

Riccardo Russo 2 years ago in Application • updated by Richard 2 years ago 2


Is it somehow possible to deactivate the idle timeout while watching a video and reactivate it again. (In the settings or with JS)

Thanks in advance.

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Bug: power / volume buttons are usable when password popup on screen

User743 2 years ago in Application • updated by Richard 2 years ago 5

The power / volume buttons can be used when the Password Prompt is on the screen (e.g. after 4 quick taps). This means even though they have been disabled in the settings, they still appear if that menu is up (and only when)... so volume etc can be changed.

Richard 2 years ago

We have created a workaround for the password box issue allowing the shutdown dialog which is in v2.0.31.


Screen Orientation Option: Upright OR reverse landscape

User4755 4 days ago in Application • updated by Andrew 3 days ago 1

Would be helpful to add a couple choice to screen orientation options:
- Any Landscape (upright or reverse)
- Any Portrait (upright or reverse)

This would allow to force the correct orientation, but still allow the tablet to work upside down. It would make it easier to orient the USB cable to either side, without worrying about the correct setting to prevent (for example) portrait mode.

Not a bug

Touch is blocked when kiosk toolbar is hidden.

User7652 2 weeks ago in Application • updated 2 weeks ago 4

Touch or click events are blocked when I hide the toolbar in kiosk browser. See the attached screenshot. Touch is blocked in the outlined portion. The user tap often fails to open the menu as a result.

It would be nice if this could be fixed or an option added to show the system bar (clock, network) but keep the kiosk toolbar hidden. I don't see any option for that. I've tried toggling 'show toolbar on swipe down' with no change. Let me know if I missed something. Thanks!

Full Screen Mode -> off

Always Hide Toolbar -> on

Show Toolbar on Swipe down -> on


Support for android.provider.Settings

XoxInd 3 months ago in Application • updated by Richard 3 months ago 3


The tablets we are shipping as control panels for our tools are locked to your Kiosk Browser. But we want to give the users the possibility to change the system's date and time settings.

The Javascript Interface you provide comes in handy to open the general settings via the command:


But I would prefer to open the date and time settings directly, as I can do with the WiFi settings via the command:


Does the Javascript Interface supports the 'android.provider.Settings' constants used in native Java application to accomplish what i described?

How to open Android Settings programmatically with Java

Thanks and have a nice weekend


60 seconds

User330 3 months ago in Application • updated by Richard 3 months ago 4

Hi, it seems that every 60 seconds, our page refreshes and it is visible on the kiosk, because it tries to dynamically fit the page back to the right size or something. So when kiosk is on home screen, every 60 seconds you see the page refreshing. 

We have idle page timeout settings on 9 minutes. Any idea what could trigger this?




User1802 3 months ago in Application • updated by Richard 3 months ago 1

It would be nice to have the ability to add multiple videos as screen savers. Currently it's only possible to show one video.