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Glad to hear the one device doesn't have the bad thing but why is it going on and off in the first place?  How do I get it to stay on?

-Turned off Reset Wifi.  Is the Delayed Load on Startup time ok at 15 seconds.or is less better at 5. 

Should I Force Profile Download on the device after changes are made or are the changes automatically updated?

Ok so my brain is fried.   Hopefully some of this helped.  I will check again in the morning and let you know how it's going.  Let me know if you have any other thoughts/ideas.  

Thanks so much for your help and have a great day!

Do you mean Idle Page Timeout?  Had that on before and switched it to off this week to see if that would fix the issue.  Won't this make it timeout?  Will turn it back on though.  What's the best time for Timeout?  Have it set to 5.  What about Timeout: Always Reload and Reload on Screen On?

Also on Connectivity - Should I have all those on?  Have WiFi check frequency to 1500 and Delayed Load on Startup to 15.  This ok?

I hear you on the Brexit thing.  Crazy times.

-Guessing I might have accidentally turned it off it it went red, meaning offline.  It's not responding to anything.  Looks like I will have to send someone to that location.  Is there anything simple I could ask the customer to do on their end to reboot it?

-Yes I used a different profiles for each device as they all have different URL's.   Should I be doing this differently?  The profile shares the same name as the device.  Was trying to keep a generic profile as a template that I create new profiles from but now the settings are all wonky and different on each device from all the testing and attempts to fix so not sure what are the right settings at this point. 

-Sorry I did not get a screenshot.  I was messing around and really didn't expect it to work.  Sorry!  

Ok so looks like I was able to get Live Oak Farm back online by clicking Reload Home Screen, which is what I usually do.  The screen was definitely white prior to my doing that.  Any ideas on how to keep it on?  Do you think this is the glitch you were mentioning?

Ya but now it's like a horror movie and you're stuck in it and can't get out.  Or like being in a slow motion car accident and you're a passenger so you can't look away but you really don't want to see what's going to happen next.  Six months in and still in shock.  Hopefully you guys are able to ignore most of it. So crazy. 

Anywho, I think I might have messed it up further.  I went into the profile for B'Nai-Tablet-Insignia which is B'Nai-Petaluma and opened Hardware and turned on Control Wifi state.  WiFi Enables/Disables was already set to on but it is grey.  When I turned on Control Wifi state, the text turned black but then when I went back to look at Devices, it had turned red.  

-Live Oak Farm is still green and you can access the Screenshot bu the screen is white with the banner still across the top.

-I removed the URL from the off device just in case it might cause a conflict with the working device.  I can either put in a different one or use the same one as B'Nai if you like?

More settings:  From General:

Hyperlink sound

Enables/Disables sound when tapping a hyperlink - OFF

Idle Page Timeout

Enables page timeout - OFF

Timeout (minutes)

Reload kiosk home page URL every x minutes when idle - OFF


Timeout: Always Reload

Reloads the home page even if the device has not been used - OFF

Reload on Screen On

Reloads the home page when screen is turned on - OFF

Saw an old comment of yours regarding Remote Management and says its for an older version and isn't used anymore.  My Remote Polling Interval is on and set to 10.  Is this ok?   Also would it help to turn on High Accuracy Location?


It get that.  Sorry if getting testy.  Lot on my plate and technology drives me a little nuts and it's almost 4 in the morning here in California and haven't been to sleep yet and Trump is president but I really appreciate you looking into this.  ;) Your responses have been quick which I also appreciate.  The challenge is explaining things in a way that makes sense to anyone via email when I barely understand the technology/jargon.  There are a thousand options so I'm thinking I could have done a thousand things wrong in the set-up.  I've been testing different options and variables.

-Ok so yes, we have offline alerts.  We were getting many emails saying when it was off and back on, sometimes without us doing anything.  It would just turn off and on on its own. Not sure why.

-They customer hasn't really described it.  I am getting that visual from the remote screenshot. Also from the device we took back.

-I already have that configured for 21:00.  Should that be different.  Also I don't have any of the sleep options set up as I wanted it to run full time and didn't want it to sleep.  Should this be different?  All devices are hardwired to power and constantly on.  Not sure what you can see and what you can't of my account and settings, but the settings I have selected for the Power section are: 

-Scheduled Wake-Up:  OFF

-Scheduled Sleep:  OFF

-Scheduled App Restart: ON

-App Restart Time: 21:00

-Always Wake Device: ON

-Sleep on Power Disconnect: OFF

-Sleep on Power Connect: OFF

-Scheduled Reboot:  OFF

-Is there a way for you to see my settings or would I need to give you a list of all my settings?

-The one B'Nai device you mentioned is off.  It is the one we brought back to the office because we thought maybe the device itself was malfunctioning.  I could plug it back in if it would help to use it for testing?  

Hope that makes sense, thanks!

Hi Richard,

Thanks getting back to me.

-I'll see if someone can take a pic.  What I saw when I could get a screen shot, was a white screen background with the colored border with the color we selected still around it.  Generally I would have to click the reload button a couple times a day and it would reset but not now.  Sometimes I would get a notification from the Kiosk Browser but often the client would notify me and I had no notification from Kiosk.  Have just been trying to deal with it on our own because no one to call, email responses were slow, and hard to identify/explain via email.  This is not making us look good.  Had happy clients and this was supposed to be a benefit for them to show off their solar production but now they are frustrated, we're frustrated, and this is taking up too much of everyone's time.  These are in public places and can't be off.  I know you are working on it but we need a solution as quickly as possible.  

-Yes, I was reloading using the reload home page function.  Nothing worked.  Concerned I might have set it up incorrectly but the instructions are unclear and again, no one to call.  Some things are explained, some not.  If this is supposed to have business applications, really need phone support and crystal clear instructions.  

Please let me know if you can have this resolved within the week or we are going have to start looking at other options. One client has church services on the weekend so would really appreciate having it back up in time for services.  System has been completely down for over a week already and glitchy for months.  Thanks for your help.


Will see what I can find.  Not giving me images back though and devices are remote.  Thought I set it to not sleep but is there a way I can completely override the sleep mode?  Any other changes I can make while you work on this?  Please let me know any timing around a solution so I can update clients.  Also have other clients waiting and am not comfortable putting any more out there until I know we have this under control.