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Timed display off.

User620 2 years ago in Remote Management • updated by User997 2 years ago 10

Would you consider adding a timer option to the Display Off/On feature? Setting to have display off and back on based on a daily schedule.

Richard 2 years ago

There is a feature in the app under Settings > Power.



Use device home button as home page button

User667 2 years ago • updated by Richard 1 year ago 3

Currently device home button does nothing when device is in kiosk browser. Would like it to redirect browser to home page.


Session expired

User330 2 years ago in Application • updated by Richard 2 years ago 7

Hello, we are still testing and have a last problem we encountered,

We display surveys with kioskbrowser, but every session is only valuable for 24 min, we have a script to call on a script to renew it each time, so when the survey is open, and nobody was completing it, it refreshes so when someoebody starts completing it, it works.

The problem now is, after sleep mode, this doesnt work, so we have a timeout error and the page stays on timeout error all day. Unless we clear cookies, but when we clear cookies all the time, we get error message csfr token is not identified.

Is there a possibility to clear cookies when the tablet comes out of sleep mode?

Or maybe you know another solution for this problem?

Thank you very much!



nd 19u24).


Multiple logins to same account

User343 2 years ago • updated by Richard 2 years ago 2
Can we give other users in our company access to the same account but with a separate login.
Richard 2 years ago

We are on the brink of releasing this today, the feature should be available within the next hour. See changelog here https://kioskbrowser.userecho.com/topic/877861-remote-management-changelog/


video from external url

User269 2 years ago in Application • updated 2 years ago 3
I have a VIDEO Tag with the URL:


<video style="width: 100% !important; height: 100% !important; display: block;" rel="width: 100% !important; height: 100% !important; display: block;" rel="width: 100% !important; height: 100% !important; display: block;" class="" preload="undefined" width="100%" height="100%" <source="" src="file:///mnt/sdcard/kioskbrowser/localcontent/a.mp4" type="video/mp4"></video>

but the player don´t play them.
Not a bug

Problem with Kiosk Browser in background

User309 2 years ago in Application • updated by Richard 2 years ago 8

Hi there.

We have 5 KioskBrowsers running all on GalaxyTabs being remotely managed by the kioskbrowser remote solution.

We usually have Kiosk Browser running in the background when a user opens a local application using your API, Android.openApplication('myapp'). It is usual for Kiosk Browser to remain in the background for several hours until a user might bring it back to front using the home button.

We have noticed that when KioskBrowser is not the topmost application, it does not work as expected. For instance, we have KB to reload the home page every 5 minutes (general->timeout) and this does not happen when in background. Once you bring KB to the foreground you can see the homepage reload (almost immediately). Also, we have the homepage to manipulate the screen brightness and the javascript code does not behave as expected when KB is in the background, as it dimms or brightness the screen unexpectedly (same script runs perfectly when in foreground).

This behaviour takes place in all Tabs, consistenly.

We haven't had the time to do a thorough debugging (that is why we are not being more specific, except for the page reload issue), but from our webserver logs (KioskBrowser consumes a site hosted by us), we can see weird things happening with the sessions, as well.

Before we spend time trying to debug the situation, we first wanted to know if this is a known issue or expected behaviour.

Thank you in advanced,


Richard 2 years ago


Kiosk Browser has not been designed to run in the background. The JavaScript function to launch 3rd party applications is just to be used in rare scenarios where the user needs quick access to something else, in fact we never planned to add this function but made the effort to do so for an existing customer. When in the background Kiosk Browser won't reload the page for example because the timer is disabled.


Open Application not regaining focus

James Sampford 2 years ago in Application • updated by Richard 2 years ago 5

Tried this on my Android Lollipop device, but it seems that focus is not being regained after any time that was specified. Also, I was able to switch apps "once out" using the drawer soft button. Not tested on another device, but can do so in the morning


Use barcode scanner as a keyboard wedge

User25 2 years ago • updated by Richard 2 years ago 3
Can we use the barcode scanner to add text to fields or at least support whitelisting apps that already do this?

I can't use this app if I cant get barcode data into the web page.
Richard 2 years ago
Barcodescanner Keyboard is now supported in version 2.0.13.

Wifi disabled and can't access device

User667 2 years ago in Remote Management • updated by Richard 2 years ago 6

We were testing how well Kiosk Browser disables all the extra menus. Our test guy was able to disable wifi by fast clicking buttons. I had all the local management tools disabled from the remote management Profile. Including multi-tap, access to notifications, progress bar, system bar, system dialogs and fullscreen.

Now I cant access the device any more because it doesn't have wifi connection. All it shows is "Web page not available" because it obviously cannot access the network.

Device is Asus ZenPad 10 (P023). It doesn't have sim card slot. Tried even factory resetting the device but not possible because it apparently has only Fastboot mode which requires that USB debugging is enabled.

Do you have any extra backdoor in your software or any way to factory reset the device?


How to purchase more devices to the existing subscription.

User396 2 years ago • updated by User2855 7 months ago 2

How do I add more devices to the existing subscription. I have 1 device subscriber, I want to add 2 more.