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Additional emails for notifications

Richard 2 years ago in Remote Management • updated 2 years ago 2
From user:
Hi, I'd like to be able to add additional emails for notifications. Like if the battery is going low or the device is powered off. That way I can send it to not only more than one email for myself but others as well. Thanks
Richard 2 years ago
Multiple email addresses are supported, see remote management changelog.


Paste or Shortern the registration key

User4226 2 days ago in Remote Management • updated by Richard 1 day ago 4

Alot of our clients will be registering 10 or more devices at a time, this would be far easier if the registration key was shorter or if they could paste the key in from the clipboard. Perhaps in the remote management settings we could set the length of the reg keys we generate with a min character length of course


address for localhost

User3725 6 days ago in Application • updated by Richard 6 days ago 1

I would like to invoke a webbased test survey from the index.htm page.  When the survey has been completed I need to set a url that will return to the local index.htm on localhost. How do I find the or indicate the correct path.


Can I add a clock to the Title Bar?

Andrew S 2 weeks ago in Application • updated by Andrew 5 days ago 2

Having the time would be extremely useful considering we are using this software for a cloud based timeclock solution. Ideally down to the seconds but even just hr:min would be acceptable.


App permission to write file system - can it be set in the profile?

User3053 2 weeks ago in Application • updated by Richard 2 weeks ago 1

We are using the kiosk browser to have tablets default to an app we have developed.  We recently got some newer tablets that won't allow our app to write to the file system.  The user has to exit kiosk browser, go to launcher, settings, apps, our app, permissions, storage, allow.  Is there some way we can make this setting the default or make it part of the profile when we set up the tablet once instead of the user having to do this?  Our older tablets are Android 5.0.2 kernel 3.4.0+, sw V49610b and everything works fine.  The new tablets are Android 6.0.1, kernel 3.10.84, sw v52110e


JavaScript KB Storage (putStringValue, etc)

User4141 3 weeks ago in Application • updated by Richard 3 weeks ago 1

Few questions about internal KB Storage (put/get String Value) (cannot find answers in docs):

1) What is storage size limit?

2) Is content survive KB restart / Android reboot?

3) Scope - is all data available from all domains?

4) Cannot see, removeStringValue() is possible to add it in future?


camera motion sensor

User4076 3 weeks ago • updated by Richard 3 weeks ago 1

It would be great to have a camera motion sensor so that the tablet can have a screen saver to attract attention, and then change the screen when someone approaches. 


When viewing a pdf file.. is it possible to set default display from automatic zoom to page width?

chunger 1 month ago in Application • updated 1 month ago 3

to make the image as large a possible, can you set the default display to page width when viewing pdf files?

Not a bug

Pixel 2 XL Navigation Bar

User3969 2 months ago in Application • updated by Andrew 2 months ago 3

Hey there Kiosk Browser Remote Team

We are working with the new Pixel 2 XL and so far everything works great!

Accept that when we push a Button on the Navigation Bar like the Home-Button - the Button still works... did we miss some settings or is it not working for the device?

Best and thank you very much!


Is possible to auto scroll content?

Gregor 2 months ago in Application • updated by Richard 2 months ago 2

Hi! Is there any option to auto scroll content of website. I'd like to use your app as public display of website. As web page is vertical "long" and there are no controls by user, i'd like to auto scroll content. Is this possible?