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For a couple of years the tablet (Samnsung Note 10.1) has been using a URL for the homepage. I have now changed the url, but it appears to not be saving. When the tablet turns off and comes back on the old URL is still present and not the new one. I have to keep re-entering the settings, change to new URL until a restart and then have to change over again. Any ideas how/why URL setting is not saving?


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Hi Paul,

Are you by chance using remote management? If so you need to configure the URL via the relevant profile, you should not be configuring settings locally on the device.

Profile documentation can be found here: https://kioskbrowser.userecho.com/topics/91-profiles/

No we don't use remote management, it is the pro standalone version.

If you aren't using remote management, make sure you haven't exported the configuration to XML, as this will get automatically imported on app start and will overwrite anything you've changed. 


Thanks for that I deleted the file and all works fine now.



Great, glad to hear the problem is resolved.

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