how to change browser (& system) locale or language?

User2883 7 months ago in Application • updated by Richard 7 months ago 4

I am trying to get some html code <input type="date"/> to be displayed in swedish format.

Currently it is always shown as english us format which is confusing for our users.

Is it possible to change the browser or system language?

Under review

The browser language & date/time display settings should be taken from the language set on the Android device (Android Settings). If it is not we do not offer a way to switch the locale. Further to this if you are using Android 7.0 there are additional considerations that impact the way this works.

Oh ok thank you. Is there anyway to change the system language remotely from the remote management console? Though I suppose the native input doesnt really work for us. Well probably have to replace it with a custom datetimepicker soon so it wont matter in the end.

No I'm afraid not.