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BLE Eddystone Beacon Control Option

User1282 2 years ago in Remote Management • updated by Richard 1 year ago 6

With google's release of the new open standard for the Eddystone Beacon and most importantly the ability to push a URL and that many new android tablets have the ability to turn make become a standalone BEACON, adding some ability to control remotely the URL setting for that would set your app apart from the other kiosk type apps on the market.

This would allow each kiosk to potential also become a local beacon transmitter to push a custom URL to those near the kiosk. What a great way to attract individuals to the kiosk or just more marketing options.

Many new androids have this ability built in, so in my case I would then acquire those models to turn into my kiosk and have that added benefit.

More information on it from google can be found here


Here is list of current devices that can transmit BLE HERE


Merged report view per device?

User871 2 years ago in Remote Management • updated by Richard 1 year ago 4

The new reports are nice, but it would also be very good to be able to see the combined reports for a single device. As it is now, I basically have to weavy together several reports to get a picture of what happened to the device.


Reply Emails via Zendesk

User1354 2 years ago in Remote Management • updated by Richard 2 years ago 1

Is there a way to stop reply emails from coming in after you clear alerts for low battery and not charging.Here is the issue we are running in to, after a tech resolves a issue for low battery or not charging in Zendesk we reciceve a other email telling us that the ticket has cleared and goes to are suspended tickets and not to the inbox like the alert tickets.


remote polling interval

User1282 2 years ago in Remote Management • updated by Richard 2 years ago 1

I am wanting to minimize the data usage "wifi" and in trying to figure out how to minimize I wanted to understand exactly what does the remote polling interval do? And, is the setting for the interval number for seconds or minutes? I had mine set at 60 but I believe that means every 60 seconds its cause the kiosk to request a download of data. I would only need that maybe twice a day. (If I make any and changes from the remote software, I always manual send a download and refresh).


Act as a DNS for clients?

User871 2 years ago in Remote Management • updated by Richard 2 years ago 1

I was just wondering what the public IPs of my clients were, and had an idea. (I don't actually have use for the idea myself at the moment. I just wanted to share, it might help somebody else down the line.)

How about acting as a DNS, pretty much like DynDNS, where you update a DNS record whenever the IP of a client changes? That way I could, for instance, always access my device with


If I were to run a device with VNC or perhaps a SSH server, that would make it a lot easier to connect to them.


Scanner Timeout

User1282 2 years ago in Remote Management • updated 1 year ago 6

I am looking into creative ways to use the SCANNER option on my kiosk. In testing, pressing the scanner icon that display on the top bar opens up the scanner, and if nothing is scanned it appears to timeout and reload the homepage. Thus the question....

Having a way to adjust the TIMEOUT (exit the scanning mode) would be a helpful addition to the app options. One reason would be if someone presses the scan button option and then walks away from the kiosk the current time is to long and I would want a shorter time frame, however in some other applications someone might need a longer TIMEOUT then the standard.

I assume the same scanning program is invoked if someone is also using the barcode keyboard to invoke the scanner screen too!


API Reporting

User1027 2 years ago in Remote Management • updated by Richard 1 year ago 2

Use the API to access reporting data


Adjust timezone for Reports

User871 2 years ago in Remote Management • updated by Richard 1 year ago 15

I looked at my reports and got quite confused as to why the time shown in the report didn't match up with my expectations. Then I realized we're in different timezones. I'd like that to be shown in a way that makes more sense. Right off the bat I can imagine two different solutions:

  1. I get to define globally what timezone I'm in
  2. KBRemote uses the timezone the device is in

I can't honestly figure out which is better. In my case they would be the same, but it's entirely possible that might change at some point in the future, if I install a kiosk in a different timezone.


Inject request header into the webview?

User871 2 years ago in Remote Management • updated by Richard 2 years ago 7

Would it be possible to add functionality to allow a forced injection of a custom header+value into the webview that is sent when doing a request? And also enable this in the device overrides?


I could then easily allow access to same webpage for my kiosks and people using a mobile/tablet, and still be able to separate them on the backend and serve different results (or track device usage). For example: The kiosks would get a super simple UI, and the mobile/tablet users would get a more full experience. (I understand that I can do this with URLs also, but that would mean a lot more to handle in the routes, for no real gain.)

Bare minimum

Just injecting a standard header that must be unique (using reasonable standards) for Kiosk Browser, such as:

Kiosk-Browser-Client: <my value here>

Bonus functionality

Even better (but not really required for my needs) would be to allow me to name the header also: (This would probably be acceptable to set as a global variable, if it simplified things.)

My-Web-App: <my value here>

And also to allow the URL parameters used elsewhere in the system:

My-Web-App: <my value here_%KIOSKSERIAL%>


Clone Profile Issue With Managed Files

User1282 2 years ago in Remote Management • updated by Richard 1 year ago 6

I have my main default profile where I have added some custom files

under the Manage Files section. However, I noticed when I cloned that

profile to make a copy for a new kiosk profile the FILES did not copy

over. This would be great if those also copied over as well, unless I

missed something it doesn't do it automatically thus I have to remember

to upload my custom files to each new cloned profile (kinda of defeats

the whole purpose of cloning)