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Not a bug

auto hide toolbar

bert-jan 12 months ago in Application • updated 12 months ago 3

i have enabled Show toolbar on swipe down but the toolbar is being shown constantly

the tablet is an sony experia Z4 fully updated with the latest android for that device en the latest kiosk version.

kiosk is activeted with a pro license



Ken 1 year ago in Application • updated by Richard 12 months ago 2

Say a tablet that was licensed had failed. Will I need to buy another license to the replacement tablet or can I transfer it?


change browser

sruetzler@arigo-software.com 1 year ago in Application • updated by Richard 1 year ago 1


I now today it isn't possible to change the used browser.

But it is possible to add this feature in future versions. We have no control about the devices which our customer will use and some of them are using older devices with older browsers.


Simon Ruetzler

Not a bug

Web app is not loading after reload

User2216 1 year ago in Application • updated by Richard 1 year ago 2

We have a problem with our single page application running inside Kiosk Browser.

It loads fine the first time, it usually loads fine second time, but for some reason it stops loading (probably JS scripts) after 3-5 reload. I tried to set cache setting to enable/disable and the only thing that fixes it is "Application restart" from remote dashboard or killing the app from inside the tablet and starting it again.

It's hard for me to debug which part of the app is the problem, because I couldn't find any info about console or console logs that I can check. Out single page app doesn't have this problem on regular mobile Chrome browser. We're using it on Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with Android 6.0.1.

Is there anything that we can do to fix it?


Toolbar colour

Steve Short 1 year ago in Application • updated by Richard 1 year ago 2

Is there any way to enter a custom colour for the toolbar? I would like it to match the colour of the dashboard web app I am using.


ERR_ACCESS_DENIED in local storage

User2006 1 year ago in Application • updated by Richard 1 year ago 3

I'm trying to load a web page form local storage. I'm trying to access it using '%LOCALSTORAGE%/kiosk/index.html'. Kiosk browser is returning ERR_ACCESS_DENIED for the following location:


I can access it in Chrome at both of the following addresses:



Though neither work in Kiosk Browser. Any idea what's going on? I'm looking into fixing permissions for KB on the directory but getting nowhere right now.

Also, I notice that KB hasn't created any of the directories mentioned in the attached.



Windows Edition

User836 1 year ago in Application • updated by Richard 1 year ago 1

Basically a windows application, as we are having a few issues with updates on andorid, wouldnt mind paying more for it plus you could work without the limitaions of some android versions (updates come to mind)

Let me know if this is feasable or no

Thanks for your tiem



Scheduled wake up overrides sleep because of power disconnect

User330 1 year ago in Application • updated by Richard 1 year ago 7

Do you have any suggestions to solve or workaround this issue? (My clients save power on sundays and evenings by cutting off power totally, or sometimes there can be a power issue) if the device is forced to wake up because of sleep wake schedule, it seems to override the sleep mode to save the battery when power is cut off.


Fingerprint authentication

raghu_da 1 year ago in Application • updated by Richard 1 year ago 6

Is there a way to force fingerprint verification when the user opens the kiosk? If not, is it in the roadmap and when can we expect to see it.

We are implementing a health care app using the kiosk and having fingerprint authentication improves the security a lot.


Samsung Specific Features [Knox]

Richard 1 year ago in Application • updated 6 months ago 9

We are looking to add additional features through the Samsung Knox SDK in a future release, such features may include:

  • Device Reboot
  • Completely hide notification bar (even on swipe down)
  • Disable recents button (different to our normal method)
  • Prevent device from booting into safe mode
  • Disable S Voice
  • Force Kiosk Browser as default launcher without prompt
  • Install Kiosk Browser updates remotely (remote management)
  • Full device screenshots

The Knox SDK allows us to control different functions that cannot be controlled with the standard Android SDK.

We would like your suggestions for the app itself and remote management functions :)